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Modded Game crashes when I start the Vangelico Heist Setups

  • Hey Guys,
    I'm new to modding on PC so I hope I don't bother you all too much with my newbie shit.

    The Problem:
    When I'm getting close to the Vangelico Heist Setups, namely the ones for the smart approach, my Game crashes.
    The Game also crashes sometimes when I'm Freeroaming but that's not really bothering me.
    If I uninstall ASI Loader using OpenIV the game runs the missions fine but I want to play with mods in the long run and I want to avoid later frustration over a completely broken savefile.

    My Game Version is (I think, I got it last month via Epic Games).
    The Mods I'm using are

    • Vanillaworks Extended Pack 2.3.4
    • ScriptHookV_1.0.1868.4 (latest version at time of posting)
    • ScripHookVDotNet
    • MenyooSP
    • VStancer
    • Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement

    Add-On Vehicles:

    • SR71A Blackbird (which also adds lines in extratitleupdate.meta)
    • 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z28
    • Volex Beetle 1963

    What I've done so far:
    Since the Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement was the last mod I installed before encountering the crashes I figured it was causing the crashes (which i don't think it did after all), so I restored a backup of the update.rpf. However, I did not go back to an older savefile and the crashes still remain.
    I tested a bit and discorvered that the game runs fine if I uninstall the ASI Loader.
    So I deleted my Mods folder and all of the mods in the main directory (except the modded dinput8.dll, as young and naive me forgot to make a backup). After this the mission worked.
    So now I've re-installed

    • Vanillaworks Extended Pack 2.3.4
    • ScriptHookV_1.0.1868.4 (latest version at time of posting)
    • ScripHookVDotNet
    • MenyooSP
      and I'm getting the crashes again.

    Should I reinstall the game or do you guys think there's a way simpler solution to this mess?
    If I reinstall the game, could I restore my story progress by inserting my current Profile-Folders (found in ...\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles and ...\Documents\Rockstar Games\Social Club\Profiles or would that cause further problems?

    Thanks in advance guys, besides the crashes modding has been a ton of fun so far :)

  • EGS version is 1.0.1868.4.

  • @Pippie I looked at the Textdocument titled "version" in the Directory, as the game wasn't running while posting this. Guess that's not up to date.
    Thanks for clearing that, mate

  • iirc the gameconfig.xml file included in Vanillaworks Extended is causing those crashes. Try downloading another gameconfig file and see if you can progress through the mission

  • @LevelDockSix_ The newest gameconfig.xml i can find on here is 1.0.1868.0, not 1.0.1868.4. According to some of the comments this doesn't work with the Epic Games version.
    The description of VWE states that they are working on an update.
    So I'm assuming that VWE is indeed the cause of those crashes. Do you know if i can temporarily disable my mods, or will turning them on and off multiple times cause problems with my savefiles? I've had some problems with this in Skyrim on XboxOne so I'm assuming that it's not a good idea.

    I'm very thankful for your tip, I feel like it brought me much closer to a solution!

  • @The_Her0br1n3 know I'm knew here but threw browsing I saw one that's 1.0.1868.1 but yeah they should work I think best to just try it and find out what's the worse that could happen?

  • @The_Her0br1n3 there are no issues with disabling/enabling mods, though it probably would be a good idea to clear your garage of any addon vehicles (Ive personally never experienced any issues, but just in case :P wouldnt hurt to backup your saves I suppose).

    I guess for the time being you could disable the mods folder, complete the missions, and then re-enable it and proceed as usual.

  • Glad I am not the only one having this problem.
    Sadly replacing the gameconfig instantly crashes my game when loading.
    Guess I have to find another solution :(

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