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Can't found the hat I installed in story mode

  • Hello,

    It's the first time I try to add mod in GTA V so per advance sorry if I'm an asshole.

    Ok so, actually I've installed :

    I want to add this cowboy hat for Trevor -- https://fr.gta5-mods.com/player/cowboy-hat-for-michael-franklin-and-trevor-replace --, I think i'm fine with OpenIV and the modded hat is in the right place (mods folder ...) but the mod replace an original hat and i can't find this hat in the GTA V Story mode so I dont how I can get the mod hat.

    Can you help me please ?

    Thank you and have a good night, klshnpple

  • @klshnpple one way you can find out is by checking the original file that it replaces, and trying to find that hat ingame.

    nvm, your mod replaces the firefighter outfit hat. You cant normally get that in single player outside of a heist IIRC. You will have to download a mod menu (like Menyoo), and customize your character to use the hat.

  • @Dock-6 ty bro

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