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Looking for a livery artist to collaborate with


    As the title says
    I want to include more liveries with my cars at release
    My projects get bigger and bigger so i would like to team up with someone who likes the type of cars im making

    Benefits of teaming up with me:
    You get access to all my betas/unreleased cars
    Also you get a say about my next project
    Im not selling my mods so i cant pay you but if we continue to collaborate, you can request a car from me (one within my niche)

    I use substance painter when i make liveries
    So if you want, i can teach you how to use it

  • Coincidentally, I made a few liveries for the Honda CR-X you released. The description said something about contacting you if anyone had liveries you could include. Then I found this thread. Figured it'd be an adequate place to post these, even if the thread is quite old.

    The first two are very "early 2000's" tuner/ricer two-tones:
    alt text
    alt text

    And I also made this Motul Civic replica thing:
    alt text

    I might try to make a few more sometime, that is if I get any more ideas (perhaps some kind of tribal/flame design, although I'm not sure if that'll work for this body style). Let me know what you think of these. I can send them to you if you're interested.


    @HummingBird I like those


    @HummingBird WOW this is some top quality stuff right there! i would be happy to collaborate with you!
    my discord is Wanted188#1858

  • @Wanted188 Sent you a request just now. My name's the same as it is on here. I'm glad you like the liveries.

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