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Any way to get rid of Denise?

  • Is there any way to get rid of Denise from Franklin's house in Strawberry after he's moved to Vinewood Hills?
    I'm writing a new story for Franklin that takes place after the game ends and it begins with him living back in Strawberry.
    Denise won't shut up though.

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  • Here's a script that removes the Denise ped: https://gitlab.com/Jitnaught/deletedenise-gta5/-/tags/

    Not perfect, and not exactly what you're wanting. The script doesn't check for mission progress, and objects related to Denise will still exist (e.g. floating headphones sometimes).

  • @Jitnaught
    Thanks, mate. I'll give it a try.

  • @Jitnaught

    Thanks. Your script gets me half way to what I need.

    This is after the SP story is complete, where all she does is tell you to go away when you approach the house.
    Most of the time, her model is sitting on the couch, which your script has removed.
    She still screams at you, though. I guess because the player is never meant to enter the house after a certain point.

    If I can find and replace the audio files with silence, everything should be good.

  • @Dogamizer
    I found some Denise audio files (including the ones I was specifically interested in silencing :slight_smile: :thumbsup:)




    FMF_AFAA_01 - "Nice & tight, nice & tight, I am 18 inside"
    FMF_AFAA_02 - "Whoo, honey I gotta pelvic floor like a sumo wrestler"
    FMF_AFAA_03 - "...try 2, 3 , 4, release, 2, 3 , 4"
    FMF_AFAA_04 - "can try, 2, 3, 4,release, release oooh"
    FMF_AFAA_05 - "re, oh, uh at, oooh, aw"
    FMF_AGAA_01 - "when was the last time you gave your auntie a foot rub boy, these corns ain't never bit nobody"
    FMF_AGAA_02 - "Boy, you drive me sick with worry"
    FMF_AGAA_03 - "I'm so stressed out, you interupting my menopause"
    FMF_AHAA_01 - "Why you gotta make all that racket?"
    FMF_AHAA_02 - "Are you cooking for me tonight boy?"
    FMF_AHAA_03 - "I'm gonna have a gentleman caller later, so make yourself scarce"
    FMF_AIAA_01>03 - *Uh huh's & such - possibly Denise

    Thought I would share the way I found them & hopefully you can use the same method to track down the audio files you are interested in silencing :thumbsup:

    Basically, I performed a 'Binary Search...' with Codewalker, searching only ' .awc' files for 'denise'.

    • Start Codewalker
    • Hit left pointing arrow (top right)
    • 'Tools' tab
    • 'Binary search...'
    • 'Search in files for: 'denise'
    • Only: '.awc'
    • '[Search]'

    Search took about 6>7mins (SSD) & these where the '.awc' files that it found:

    ansph.awc - answerphone - has denise in it I think, but not house talk.
    fkn1.awc - 'FKN1_LHAA_01' - "You know you always been like this boy" - possibly Denise
    denise.awc - Lots of Denise stuff in here, but general stuff like bumping into/dodging peds, exercising, fight talk & generic curses etc
    fmf.awc - Details above

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