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cops ignore player

  • i habe a lot of mods installed that I've collected over the years but lately cops don't attack the player checked Menyoo and Enhanced trainer and also family free roam and none have a setting to have cops ignore the player actually they run up to the player and one took a melee position but the then ran away they run around the player but Don't shoot or try melee.

  • Have you ever used the GTA Save Editor or similar programs?

  • no what are those?

  • it's a script asi no mods folder and no scripts folder just asi only mods

  • family free roam is what what doing this removed and it stopped need to check its settings

  • @Pippie I made this FFFR configuration file a few days ago (you need block_melee_with_animation=0 as well, and maybe more depending on your preferences).

    Just go to the support channel if you need any help.

    Also make sure other mods aren't calling the same native functions/ doing the opposite of FFFR, creating conflicts.

  • @Pippie said in cops ignore player:

    no what are those?

    Just a minor program which lets you edit existing savegame files.

    Occasionally, a rogue parameter may get enabled and cause some unusual behaviour. For instance, once I have discovered that Trevor just wouldn't die, despite no cheat codes being enabled. Later I checked the Save Editor and noticed that, out of nowhere, his invincibility was turned on. :rolling_eyes: This savegame editor is so powerful as to override the game properties. ;)

    Probably not the case though if, like you say, you don't use it... though you may try and see if anything has been enabled / disabled by mistake? But I wouldn't recommend it.

    However, there is a post flying around here recently where it has been discovered that a gang and turf mod was causing no wanted level for a player. What do you think? Perhaps you have a mod like this?

  • @TheMurderousCricket @Pippie said in cops ignore player:

    family free roam is what what doing this removed and it stopped need to check its settings

  • @R3QQ block_melee_with_animation=0 fixed it guess i didn' know what it did exactly when at 1

  • @Pippie It makes the ped do an animation when trying to hit you so that it's interrupted.

    I'm working on better chases. You can see the progress on discord. Link on the mod page

  • @R3QQ can't steal a car by taking the driver out what setting is that?

  • @R3QQ vehicle_light_multiplier what does itn do?

  • @Pippie It makes the headlights of cars more powerful. For example vehicle_light_multiplier=10

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