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[SCRIPT] Organized Crime mod

  • A mod idea to greatly expand the criminal activities and enterprises for players looking for more to do then rob stuff, sell drugs, etc as seen in other mods.

    Certain businesses and locations could be achieved as turf to collect protection by completing a random mission to unlock the area. Once the area is unlock, regular protection funds would come in with random missions being called to protect/defend area to keep it operating and the ability to establish different underground businesses with their own side missions to increase area profit could be available with perks that unlock more side missions or give bonuses for the area such as hiring street soldiers to protect the zone, etc.

    For example, setting up a loansharking operation would have loans being pushed out that the player can increase output by increasing the money in the racket for the turf but missions such as debt collecting and hitting people who aren't paying their bills or else you loose a portion of investment money.

    Gambling rackets could also be established where you get funds from underground gambling with side missions like collecting gambling debts and what not.

    Prostitution rackets where women start working in the area and fund collection + having to defend your women/save them from attackers could be a side mission

    Drug dealing where dealers are pushing narcotics that you can invest into and front collecting/hitting people who rob dealers could be a option.

    Goods smuggling racket where player can do missions to pick up stolen goods and they are moved on the street.

    Counterfit items operation pushing counterfit goods.

    Robbery racket where people steal goods and bring them back to the zone for cuts of profit.

    This idea would def change the game for GTA modding.

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