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Can mods be blocked / filtered out of searches?

  • I'll keep this simple. Over the last week or so there have been a flood of mods of a "controversial" nature that I'm quite frankly sick of seeing for a number of reasons. Discussions regarding the appropriateness of such mods have been described as an expression of "political ideology" (though the mods themselves have not) and are deleted. I play GTA to get away from the real world. The rapid influx of mods that celebrate certain - if not ideologies then "philosophies" - is becoming irritating not only because I find them to be deliberately provocative and tiresome to sort through, but because my own life has been affected by the subject in question. I understand that this site is not the place for some types of discussions, but some feel that it is also not the place for mods that lead to such discussions either. If they can't be objected to, criticized or even debated for any reason, then I'd just as soon avoid being exposed to the topic altogether.

    So, long story short: If I see a mod that I don't like, don't have any interest in, don't want to see, don't want to be reminded of, etc etc etc., can I somehow click something to hide it from my searching and browsing, or at the very list somehow filter out mods that contain certain words and terms?

    That's all. Thank you.


    @miketheratguy No, it's not possible. There's not such a system implemented on 5Mods main site.

  • @Reyser Disappointing, but thank you for responding.

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