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New story for Franklin

  • Hi there.
    I've been working on a new story for Franklin that takes place after the events of the SP endgame.

    In brief, the FIB goes after Franklin for his involvement in Ending C, because he is the easiest target. When Lamar drags Franklin into a failed bank robbery, the FIB jump on him and put him away for 20 years. Dave Norton helps out and Franklin only does 2 years, but in that time, the FIB seizes all Franklin's assets, so he is pretty much broke and back to square one when he gets out of prison.

    I've already accomplished a few things like:

    Disable character switch
    Disable phone (until you buy a new one from electronics shop)
    Disable GPS (in vehicles that don't have GPS built in, you have to buy a portable GPS unit before it'll work in a vehicle)
    Removal of Frank's assets (his car and bike are deleted if in a certain range, his house in the hills is locked up)
    Open doors based on story (like Denise's house is open at the start of the story, but she will kick you out eventually)
    Banking system
    Parole system (partially complete)
    Vehicle license system based on type and class of vehicle (partially complete)
    Fuel system based on individual vehicle fuel type and economy (almost complete)
    Fatigue system requiring sleep at hotels, hotels, houses (partially complete)
    Lester criminal missions (only one so far)
    Gone In 60 Seconds type car boosting mission (Lester mission)
    Jobs (like working for the fruit shop in Grapeseed as a driver, restocking all the fruit stands around San Andreas)
    ...and lots of other little mods as I think of them (e.g. the radio disabled in all vehicles that logically don't have a radio)

    Hopefully I can get all the ideas in my head into the game.

    Can you suggest anything that might suit the story, like story ideas or criminal activities or jobs? I don't have a timeline to complete the mod, even if I will complete the mod, but some of the systems are standalone so I could release somethings in the future if I see my project starting to fail.

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