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Problem with Riot van

  • I installed Lenco Bearcat SWAT vehicle which is great by the way, however there is an obstacle with game's dispatch system regarding to Riot truck...

    So basically this riot truck is always set to spawn as a roadblock and when I put it in <DispatchType>DT_SwatAutomobile</DispatchType> it spawns without a driver. This is probably a hardcoded thing and there is no fix I have found yet. but that's not the issue here.

    So because of that I decided to replace it with the fbi2 instead of replacing riot, but for some very awkward, weird and interesting reason, game somehow knows that vehicle is actually a riot truck.. Tried other vehicles too, fbi, police, sheriff, police3 but no luck. Whichever vehicle I replace with just spawns without a driver and drives on itself. There is no police dot on the vehicle or anything. and this is very strange because I even tried not changing handling and vehicle metas either but game still knows that vehicle is actually a riot truck.

    Anyone knows is there any way that I can make the game think it's the fbi car instead? or is it something has to do with the model files?

  • I think I have figured it out. This swat thing just too stupid, the only driveable vehicle they can use is FBI2, even FBI spawns without anyone inside..

    I will probably make a second swat ped like S_M_Y_Swat_02, set it's personality as COP and assign it to Lenco BearCat truck by replacing it with something except riot.yft or maybe make an addon :P

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