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Which programs do I need to replace a car in GTA V Epic version?

  • Hi guys, I'm a total beginner, and also got Epic version. I only want to replace few cars. There are some manuals on YT, but most of them say different things. So my question is, which programs do I need just to replace a car? I know I have to install OpenIV, but do I also need something called Scripthook + native trainer? Let me repeat it, I just want to replace some cars, other mods do not interest me. Please, please reply :kissing:

  • I'm new too. Took advantage of the epic games launcher and been having a blast. I got everything working fine. I'm not sure what you mean by "replacing cars", but once you get the trainer installed you can spawn cars you don't have. I have quite a few trainers installed and a few mods and addon cars. This video was the one that worked out for me

    This is a newer video but they go hand in hand. I have the sp garage mod too and it's worked great. He has links on how to install all the trainers as well. Really if all you want is more cars a trainer seems to work because you can spawn from a list it has of several types of vehicles and there's alot you don't have in the story mode. I have scripthook, enhanced native trainer, simple trainer, menyoo, and there all mapped accordingly. F3 opens simple trainer. I think F4 used to close it, but I assigned like F9 or F10 because I think F4 is mapped to Enhanced Trainer and when I was pressing F4 it would open both simple trainer and Enhanced Native Trainer, so now F4 just opens and closes Enhanced Trainer but I think it actually opens the scripthook v net prompt itself cause I see the script prompt line in which I can close by pressing f4 again or esc. F6 does airbarke mode where you can fly and do some crazy stuff in which I dont use. F7 opens the map editor. F8 Opens Menyoo Trainer. F9 seems to open Menyoo's Object Spooner/Spawner or whatever its called, and F10 closes simple native trainer. I play with a controller and find my self rb and left dpad left at the same time which opens Menyoo trainer. From there you can go to vehicle options and spawn as you wish. Always make sure to get the latest updates for these programs, as I know some of these programs were updated to work with the Epic Games Launcher so def look for the latest working ones when you research. Other then that it's pretty straight forward. The only issued I've had are with this one https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/map-builder#comments_tab in which my game kept crashing. Not sure what it was, but it wouldn't even load. I'm thinking it might not have been updated to work with the latest Epic Games Launcher version. Once I uninstalled it everything seemed to work fine again. I also have auto-update off for it in epic games launcher so I dont get a surprise update that messes up my mods. There was an update a few days ago it seemed like with the Rockstar launcher, but my game seemed fine after the update so that was good. I also had problems with a few addon cars in where you have to drag the dlc packs into a certain part and edit the dlclist.xml with openiv. They didn't say exactly how to write this part <Item>dlcpacks:/----/</Item> as I think I seen ones that were also like this <Item>dlcpacks:/----/<\Item> or vice verse <Item>dlcpacks:/----</Item> as I noticed some are different ,so I just backtracked and figured those were the culprits I deleted there dlc pack and the entry from the dlclist.xml and needless to say my game is working fine again. At this point the the trainers offer more then I need so I think I'm good for now. It's as easy as pretty much dragging the files in your gta v folder where your game exe and launcher are and your good to go. Once you use OpenIV on your computer it will install the right stuff for the files you dragged into your directory. You gotta be careful with editing in OpenIV because that's where you could mess up your game, but if you just stick with the trainers and not adding and deleting stuff from OpenIv you should be fine. One thing though when you use OpenIV let it create a mods folder for you so everything you do or when you do manual stuff you can have it in that folder which seperates it from the game folder so you don't run into editing the original files which could cause a crash/make your game unstable, etc, etc. Have fun with it. I have no plans to go online for quite a while and I def want to try to LSPD FR mod and maybe one of the graphics mods like the reimagined or another, but those will def come in the future. For now I have enough fun with what I got. ✌🏽

  • Thank you for your such specific reply! What I want to do, is to take Audi mod and use it not as an add-on, but as a replacement for Tailgater (because it can replace it, description says), that's all. I don't need any other cars, mods, just one Audi. That's why I asked can I do this just using OpenIV without any other programs, trainers etc....

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