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Projects create a GTA 5 PC menu mod

  • Hello everyone, I already want to wish you a wonderful day. :)
    So right now I'm testing LOTS OF FREE MOD MENU who are not really on top, and don't have exactly the things I want! One hit, the mod works well but lacks some things, or another hit the mod works poorly but has everything I want ... :/ So I decided to create my own mod menu, I have already created the DDS files in DXT5 format, and I have converted all of them into a notepad in YTD format.
    So there you go, I would like someone to help me, and since I can't afford to pay for a paid menu mod at the moment ... I would like someone to tell me how to do it, what software to use, etc. It will be really cool !! :)
    So, tutorials to offer? thank you :)

  • I suggest learning C#. Use Visual Studio to code with it. You can use NativeUI to easily make a menu. There are a couple tutorials in the Tutorials subforum.

  • I already want to thank you for your quick response. :)
    Can you give me a tutorial to learn how to code in C #? And how do you use NativeUI please? :)
    because in fact these just missing the dll file to inject with the injector, I already have my .ytd file (which I managed to have with TextureToolkit, and with my files DDS converted to DXT5 thanks to DSS Converter), I have everything, it's just missing the dll file, do you think I could do it with NativeUI? :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • I have already done this:

    I would like to make a mod menu starts with a little background music until we open the mod.
    But here I tell you that I am lost and I don't really know what to do :/


    @Neekzy_FR Online "mods" are forbidden on this site.

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