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Randomly Generated Crimes, Assassinations, and Bounties

  • I think it'd be cool to have simple crimes show up as a random event such as a mugging, car jack, kidnapping, purse snatch, or convenience store robbery.
    Assassinations could be given by calling Lester then it could range from low pay to high pay. High pay would make the target have bodyguards, maybe helicopters, and armoured cars.
    Bounties could be similar to how they already are for Trevor but unlimited.

  • Hi!
    There are similar mods but nothing exactly like you describe.
    GTA Comes Alive has some simple mods, but it requires Rage Plugin Hook. It can be used with LSPDFR, but it doesn't require it (I think).
    There is also CriminalsV, although it is more over-the-top than what you describe.
    Lastly, there is Online Random Events for Singleplayer, which includes events such as crate drops, armored trucks, assassinations, smuggler vehicles, and special vehicle pickups.
    There may be more mods like these that I haven't heard of.
    Unfortunately I haven't seen any kidnapping mods, and the assassination event in the Online Random Events for Singleplayer mod is pretty simple and doesn't involve any bodyguards, helicopters, armoured cars, etc.
    Purse snatch and convenience store robbery events are already included in the game, perhaps you should elaborate more on those two?

    Edit: How can I forget? There is also Eddlm's LSPD: Dangerous Individuals, which is fantastic, although the events are not as simple as you describe.

  • @stillhere I haven't tried GTA Comes Alive due to it being on Rage Plugin Hook.
    I use criminalsV but it is very over the top, I'm asking for more grounded crimes not just chases.
    The Random Events mod is good but those always spawn on the other side of the map so it loses that ambient event feel if you know what I mean.
    Purse snatch happens once in the game, I would like the events to be unlimited.
    Store robberies could happen: you're nearby a local convenience store and two guys run out with money and you're able to actually see this rather than a blip just showing up with text saying it happened. These would also be unlimited.
    The Dangerous Individuals I was believed to be only for LSPDFR. I'm looking for more like a vigilante type feel, no police help or anything. Just random events that are unlimited, believable, and are not too complicated but still fun.

  • @State_of_Mind Weird, I get purse snatching events quite often! Though I believe they depend on your location and the time..
    Dangerous Individuals only requires ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNET. It does have some "regular" events, although I don't think you can disable the police help (maybe if you disable "Automatic Dispatch" and "Allow Ongoing Chases").
    The regular events are titled "Average Callouts, and the description says:
    Average callouts range from Jaywalking to store robberies. Expect anything from footchases to shootouts
    You can disable all other events except this event so you only get the simple random events. Give it a try!:grin:

  • Thank you! This may be what I'm looking for, Ill check it out.

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