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someone know how to install dlc.rpf to FiveM online server

  • hey, im look for someone to help me install some dlc.rpf onto a fivem server thats rented, i read the read me files in the addons but i dont see the folder they talking about, im not sure if dlc.rpf is able to run on a fivem online server.

    the server is not created on my local machine but rented from Zap

  • Hi, you need to extract the files from the .rpf with openiv, create a folder in your resource folder with the addon name, inside that make a folder called stream. you will also need a __resource.lua. the files you extract from the .rpf go into the stream folder. then add the folder name to your server.cfg. with either start or ensure depending on which server you are running.

    i new to all this myself. but this is what i have been doing.

    Hope its of some help.

    youtube is your friend. look up rib sosay. he has a lot of good help videos



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