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[Script] New Game+ / Ammunation mod (Single / PC)

  • Mod idea: New Game+ for Single player.
    Description: A Single Player mod for Ammunation and services...

    • Unlock all weapons and attachments in Ammunation since from the beginning of the game. (Only the "regular" purchasable that will be unlocked after the missions)

    Why? Because if I have money, why not? limiting this kind of thing is annoying, and using the "all weapons cheat" looses the challenge, same if you know where to find one for free around. It's cool trying to rise money and buy a better thing by myself.

    • Add the option to sell used weapons in Ammunation (for 25% of the regular price + 25% of each attachment, if have any). I don't know if it is possible to add a new line at Ammunation list, if not, maybe a webpage in cellphone? Like the ones to buy planes/cars/bikes/boats, but for guns and with the button "sell" on it (can't buy, only sell). If none is practical, in last case, maybe a NPC behind the Ammunation store or in front of the two pawn shops only to sell weapons.

    Why? Because it's a good way to make some cash and remove useless things of your inventory.

    • Swap the Broken Bottle for the Molotov in Ammunation - change the item in the store to buy it there. The broken bottle can be found in the places where the molotovs originally are (the broken bottle will be the "secret" item instead of molotov, like the the baseball bat).

    Why? Because a broken bottle isn't a weapon sold in a shop.

    • Unlock all cars - I'm not really sure if it's locked, but I notice that some high performance cars didn't appears in early game.. only after some missions progress.. If that's true, please unlock that.

    why? Because its nonsense having that blocked, just that simple.

    • Option to sell stolen cars at the web pages - if the player have that car in the garage, an option to sell it for a very poor rate will enable at web page (just 1% of the original price... less if damaged). Maybe a limit for selling the same car model, like 1 by in-game day?

    If you, Mr dev, pick this project I will be very thankful.
    Sorry my English I really tried my best on it.

  • since it's a project that no one want, please someone can tell me the tools to do that? there is a lot of tools and i dont want to install useless tools (for this project, of course)

  • @thiagodella OpenIV tool is used to explore, extract, edit and import game files.

    A 100% save game unlocks everything in stores, you can use save game files like:

  • @MetaGTA Thank you very much for your reply
    with this tool, am I able to "mix" a game saved at 0% with what I want from a game saved at 100%? and the result is a 0% save game with all weapons (in this case)?
    PS: this is an interesting approach that I didn't thought about.
    sorry for asking this, but sometimes my main text didn’t explain correctly what I want hehehe

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