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Dispatch.meta fibsec and ciasec files

  • Good evening guys.
    So I was trying to spawn a unit of s_m_m_ciasec_01 in a Wanted level 3 "POLICE_detective DT_dispatch type", alongside the fib skin (mp_m_fibsec_01..).

    Tried just adding a new <Ped> line with the ciasec skin name above the "mp_p_fibsec_01" for them to have 50% chance..
    And then tried creating a new police automobile dispatch named "Police4" where i added the vehicle lines and the Ciasec ped line alone.

    Both ways they actually spawn like "gangs", just passing by a level 3/4/5 chase with emergency lights off, and will only step out cars and stat shoot cops if they ram their car or hit them with gunfire. So they are just spawning peds/gangs in a police4/2 car, and will never act like cops.

    My question is if theres is a problema with the S_M_M_ skins that does not allow it to be used in emergency dispatch?

    Thanks in advance

    I know there are some real good dispatch modes outhere in this site but none of them uses the ciasec skin which is the only available online to replace the gta cia for the portuguese secret police skin, so that's why im bothering.

  • there should not be problem with S_M_M_ as marine and detectives are using S_M_M_ peds. Try to copy here the lines where you wrote it.

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