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Any mod that has profanity filter and removal of violence?

  • Of course GTA itself is 80% those 2 things; but I am working on a concept for a mod that involve no gratuitous violence (in short something like a UPS delivery game on open world), and I am trying to target it at younger audience too, so profanity filter would be another thing to take care of.

    Since I have no experience with mods; I wanted to see if there are mods like this already; and if not; which resources should I modify to toggle both violence and profanity? I heard you can swap audio files in game; so I would assume that in a editor is possible to replace those files and modify them.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated; I see that there are mods that let you be a cop for example, and in the old games you could drive an ambulance; so I thought it would be fun to make a mod that would let you play as a delivery guy.

  • Awesome, thanks!

    Is there a way to open that DLL to see what was changed and how?

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