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A superhero flight mod, such as how superman flight that is really realistic and great amount of effort put into it.

  • Please Message me for more ideas, since this would be a great mod for people who are looking for a flight mod that makes them think they are actually flying.

  • @Superish_O Exists the "Search" button in the main site, remember to use it

  • @Rarefacer I know, I'm talking about one where you can fly like superman, not like your sky diving

  • @Superish_O So you don't need the flight only, the Superman script by JulioNIB is the mod that feature

  • Can mp skin be used with that mod?

  • @Mick-Tannen yes, just activate the powers and then switch your player-model with a trainer...

  • @Mick-Tannen
    here are the controls:
    -R will perform melee attacks (including mid-air melee attacks) only will work when there is a target set
    -Q will perform ground smash attack, can be used against targets too, there is a little issue related to planes and helicopters
    -E change special attacks
    -Left mouse button: Perform special attack/Throw grabbed entity
    -Right mouse button turn ON slow mowtion
    -Press Ctrl + N to see the menu and select a Superman powers option
    -Press E to change attack mode
    -Press Space to Start flight, hold Space to go in supersonic speed, hold space to charge the flight and cause some havoc when flight starts
    in mid-air while in supersonic you can press Space again to increase even more the speed
    -Control flight with mouse
    -To reduce flight speed press S
    -To stop flight go close to ground and press Space
    -Press Shift when holding W to increase sprint speed (Don't hold shift)

  • @Superish_O you can alos use the physchokinitec mod, its really cool, like the movie chronicle

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