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[WEAPON] [RELEASED] Add-On Assault rifle Weapon Base!!

  • You can download it here:


    You can find all the information about how to install and use this mode on Readme.txt file!!


    Made by: Claude_III & Jridah

    Test by: Sandra Linson

    Already tested and working perfectly with these replace AssaultRifle weapons:
    The AK47 AssaultRifle by BlackBradHz :

    ARX 160 by BossWithStyle :

    Other amazing addon bases high recommended by Sandra Linson:

    Add-On Melee Weapon Base by yeahhmonkey:


    Add-On / Replace Base Folder 4.0 by Reyser:


  • @yeahhmonkey This base include a different method in order to edit the meta files and of course the animation files is not needed in order to work!! The base discovery is not mine not ever yous!! It's belong to Claude_III & Jridah who they discover it perhaps even years before you complete the melee weapon base winch is not working if you use it for other weapons except melee weapons who use the machete usually core!! Every weapon type have his own unique base you know!!(:

  • @yeahhmonkey If administator and moderetor agree with you then of cousre they can remove this topic!! I don't post it for myself but for the users who still don't know how to make addon assault rifle weapons!! If this topic removed then only the people who don't know how to make this type of weapon going to have the disadvantage not me!!(:

  • @yeahhmonkey I pm you about this and refuse it!! This is the thing I personal notice - understand!! If I understand wrong then sorry and the last word only administrator and moderator have!!(:

  • @yeahhmonkey I upload it on gt5 forum where it seems administrator and moderator not have any problem about it because I already post 2 addon weapons before and they not take any action and that's mean that as far as give credits the post allowed!!(:

  • @yeahhmonkey melee base and assault rifle base are different even if they use the same meta files!! The edit use a different method!! The owner for this base I repeat belong to Claude_III & Jridah!!

  • @yeahhmonkey As long as understand!! If you have any problem about it talk it with administrator or moderator!! I bet on gt5 mode section some users like you have the same problems and that's way administator force to make a rule that on gta5 mode to upload a file the credits is not enough you need also to talk-take permission for the owner!! I don't know that there are guys like you and for that reason I already apologize to administrator!!

  • @yeahhmonkey Ok then send this to the administrator or moderator then so they pm me why I steal and then explain then why I actually not steal and then the administrator and moderator explain to you why I not steal!! So simply to understand each other!!

  • @yeahhmonkey Why still talk with me!! Talk with administrator or moderator please!! It seems you not understand that you release the melee base in order the users are able to use it and make their own melee weapons!! Of course when someone make an other addon weapon he must post the same help instructions in order the users download the addon weapon correctly!! On the melee new addon weapon instructions only the code you must type on trainer usually change!!

  • @yeahhmonkey No this part is only to help the users to understand how the melee base working and that's way they are able to make their oun addon weapon!! If something perhaps I am wrong is that I make addon weapon using a replace weapon model but as far as already give credits to the replace weapon model owner then I think that the owner not have any problem about it!!

  • @Sandra-linson is this work for vans123 m1 ??

  • @super_noob69 said in [WEAPON] [RELEASED] Add-On Assault rifle Weapon Base!!:

    vans123 m1
    If vans123 m1 is an assault rifle weapon then yes otherwise sorry it's not!!

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