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Frame drops after fixed interval

  • So, I play on a steady 45-50fps. Only mods I have are ScriptHook, VisualV and ENT. What happens is as I play, the framerate suddenly drops to 20-25 for 1-3 seconds. That happens roughly every 5-10secs. It seems to be totally unaffected by where I am on the map, crowded or not, with 100000 particles rendering or with nothing. Checked background processes and found nothing major going on. What can I do? Thanks in advance.

  • Does this problem happen without the mods?

  • @Jitnaught said in Frame drops after fixed interval:

    Does this problem happen without the mods?

    I haven't checked, though I have previously run the game (circa summer 2019) with the exact same mods + many more, without problems. Could it also be that my laptop is on for many hours now?

  • Since you say you're running a laptop, and for a long time, my guess is your CPU or GPU could be throttling due to heat. You could turn off your computer for a while to see it's better once it has cooled down. You could also install Speed Fan to check the temperature of your PC components. The limit is different for each computer, but the general area you might get thermal throttling is at around 80C to 90C.

  • So, apparently, what's causing the trouble, is ENT. Weird. Never had problems with it before. Now it's more laggy, in older times I would hold down numpad2 or 8 to scroll through the menu, and it would scroll, now it cannot.

  • For the record, my GPU was around 63C and my cores all around 50.

  • Negative, it wasn't the ENT after all. I don't know what to do.

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