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[SCRIPT][RELEASE] Your Own Storyline

  • This script mod aims to help you with creating your own storyline for GTA V.
    It works by killing off original scripts, then running your script file on its own, old-style (3D-era-style) script engine. It also features its own menu, which has to be used to load/save game or start new game, instead of the game's original menu.

    How it differs from ScriptHookV .NET, or LUA, or similar envrinoments?
    The answer is: :bangbang: it can SAVE and RELOAD :bangbang: your progress, script states, and many more things.

    After 4 months of coding, the mod is practically finished (though there can be bugs, as it's the situation with every software on Earth), and the v2 compiler is ready, so I decided to do this topic.

    If you have problems, experience bugs, or just have questions or ideas, just feel free to post it here...

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