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[SCRIPT] a random event mod that can be updated and not forgotten(please read...)

  • Imma just get straight to the point we could all use a random events mod thats can get updated on a basics and not forgotten as it would make Grand Theft Auto More realistic and better
    there are random events mod but they dont work they were abandoned or outdated and a random events mod could be a good approach for people that love to RP etc etc
    and on top of that GTA 5 is boring alot barely anything happens nothing to interact with or play with which is really lacking in the community this is what i would like to see and what will prob get alot of downloads/likes

    if it has credits it was there idea

    its very recommended u have a config file for turning off events/changing distances/probabilites

    its also best if theres a way to make fixes etc or addons for this mod

    u can also think of stuff yourself

    random events should include
    gang warfare (credit to kel flakes)
    fighting peds(melee)(credit to jedijosh920
    drivebys (credit to eddlm)
    police chases (car or foot) (credit to kel flakes jedijosh920 and eddlm)
    police arrests
    a shootout (reffering also to peds/gang warfare/cops can be called(add chances) )
    people partying
    racing(street racing peds) (credit to eddlm)
    road rage(leading back to fights)
    people talking to character randomly (optional)
    random police/firetrucks/ambulances passing by(sirens on or off) responding to code 3 (credit to kel flakes and eddlm)
    car accidents
    crime scenes(optional)
    armoured trucks (credit to kel flakes)
    hobo donation(hobos on street/give them money) (credit to jedijosh920)
    hitchhiker(could be on highway or not/give him a ride to destination(home) prob) (credit to jedijosh920)
    damage to city property(peds wreking stuff)
    vehicles overtaking on highway(credit to eddlm)
    people interacting to parked cars(steal/its there car/damage it) (credit to eddlm)
    carjackers(credit to eddlm)
    taxis picking people up(credit to eddlm)
    drug deals(credit to eddlm and jedijosh920)
    peds taking photos of cars (credit to eddlm)
    offroading vehicles in mountains etc(credit to eddlm)
    peds camping(credit to eddlm)
    store robberies(gang or peds)(credit to eddlm and jedijosh920)
    Muggers(credit to eddlm)
    police activity(raids/responding to suspicous stuff (gang or ped)/traffic stops/prisoner transports/convoys/etc
    friends(peds)hanging out at home
    And more you guys can think of

  • What are some of those random events mods, and which ones aren't working? It would probably be easier to fix those mods than to create a whole new one.

  • https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/random-events
    and there was a one for lspdfr (a plugin) but idk where that is tho ill come back if i find it it was a random events plugin i just want those scripts from that plugin into there
    (here it is https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/gta-comes-alive)

    i also think it will be better to create another mod because most of the authors dont respond/left mods all together/or lost the account
    and most of those mods are standalone i think it will be way better to create another full mod and make los santos much better and more realistic this mod could hit the charts dont pass this idea :)

  • Lively World and More Random Events work on my game. The latest version of Random Events is broken, but version 1.0.1b should work.

  • If anyone replies to this I'm looking for a NEW mod with all the stuff that will be good for please read this I just wanna random events mod that actually works and can be a thing please 😁

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