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Hi Everyone. My first question/post for help for GTA V backup.Screenshots Included.

  • Hi everyone what's good?? Just taking it easy over here. I'm new to the GTA V bandwagon and this is my first post and will probably be quite long because I'm explaining what I've ran into. If this is in the wrong thread I apologize. I took advantage of the free epic games store giveaway and been rocking it ever since. I know people have had trouble with getting the mods to work with the Epic games version, but I've had rather good success. I've got everything to work except the map builder oiv (which when reading it says it installs a aftermarket gameconfig and I installed another gameconfig that was recommended for the Epic Games launcher so maybe that conflicted with map builder oiv. I did find that config here but I cant remember where) I was able to uninstall map builder oiv and get back to my game with no problem. I had another crash with adding on 2 Addon cars. Not sure if it had to do with parking them in the SPG garage mod or not, but once I manually removed them from my dlcpacks directory my game worked again. The floor they were on in SPG said there was an error, but the other cars on that floor are still there.I do have a good selection of stuff on here for a noob GTA V modder. Menyoo, Simple Trainer, Enhanced Native Trainer, SPG Mod, Auto show and workshop, vechicle control system and a few others plus like about 8 addoncars, although the last few addoncars I tried to add have crashed my game for some reason. Same way as installing the others so I'm not sure whats up. It would work fine after adding them, but then upon a restart it would crash/not load.

    I repeated the process a few times for ever car and same thing. Worked fine after install, but game would not load after restart so had to take them off one by one and it was about 4 or 5 of em.I heard something about merging the dlclist for more addoncars or the directorys or something like that on yt, so I have to do my homework. Maybe I met my limit that way and might have to look into that. I'm not sure though because I got the first 5 floors of one of the garages from the SPG garage mod filled and then those cars that had crashed my game were on the 6th floor. It seems to still work though. I'm sure theres an spg.ini or something like that I have to look for, Maybe take them out of it so they dont show up on the 6th floor and I dont get that error. Other then that everythings been pretty smooth. Map editor seems to work how it should so thats cool. I'm getting an API unresolved error now when I press f4 which also brings up ENT. I press F4 again to close script prompt, but I didn't get that error before. I'm thinking it could be maybe with one of the last mods I installed. I got some working version of scripthookv, but I'm not sure if theres been an update since or something else caused it. I;m not worried because everything seems to work good.One of the graphics mods has to be soon, but I have to take my time on that. Maybe take some other things off so there would be less conflict (if any) with that. I don't have any intentions on going online anytime soon so I'm cool with all the moddding has to offer.

    I probably should have did a backup before I modded, but I think I probably should get one going now so I dont have to manually go and take things out if I have a game crash again, in which case with all the modding that could be a possibility, and in general just so I have one. I am using the Epic gamestore and version 1.0.1868.4 if that makes any difference, and the first day I installed it I right away went and disabled updates so I dont get a surprise update that crashes my game cause of the mods. I see a no GTAVlauncer program, but I may wait on that. There was a surprise rockstar launcher update a few days ago, and luckily it did not affect my mods so everything was good. I did do a mod folder from OIV and I always make sure to turn edit on when doing things that have to change something in the directories. I'm new to GTA V modding, but def not new to Homebrew and Modding/Hacking. I been doing that before some of y'all were even born. Not really maybe that long, but the first machine I did mod was the OG Xbox when the first mods came out for it. Was XBMC4XBOX before it became Kodi4XBOX and then Kodi. That period for me seemed to be about 2002-2007 ish, so that was some time agao. It wasn't for gaming or any of that. I purely used it for SMB streaming from my windows 7 to OG Xbox in Kodi. I have 4 of em still,although I dont use them anymore as my main one now is the Nvidia Shield Android TV.

    Anyway sorry to get off track lol!!! 😁, but now on to the issue at hand. What do I backup.?? I really dont care about the mods. In all honesty I know I could reapply those again if my game crashes, backtrack, etc, etc. More concerning is my save progress though. I'm not sure where that is or what directory/ies I'd have to backup, etc, etc. I'm looking all over and I see different things, but I hear the mods folder and update/update.rpf folders are good to back up. I don't want the whole everything backed up, just what I need. A few gbs are something you know. No need to waste extra space if I dont have too, although I got it. Is this what I need to backup from my screenshots. Some people say the whole game directory, but if I do get a crash I would just like to recover my current state. Kinda like I've had to do with the few that have crashed me. Here's the screenshots of what I backed up. Let your boy know whats good, The mods is my directory ( I miss some files but you know where thats at) The one labeld save stuff is the 2 I actually saved and inside the mods folder is as the name says. I know If If I needed to I could bring these in if there was a major crash, do a verfiy from epic somehow and be back up, but I really think I'm pretty good for now, and most crashes I seem just to backtrack the last mod or to or three I put on until everything works again. Any help would be much appreciated. Looking forward to more adventures modding. I may even get into that fivem stuff but I feel like I'm cool on it for now with just everything I have (I;m only about 35% into base game so thats whats up), I def would like to play with others and since I have the time on my hands now I might as well see whats good with it.Word.

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