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A rather unimpressive FPS...

  • Hey Guys,

    Wonder if you could help. I have recently upgraded the system to Windows 10, but it seems that my FPS count on GTA has dropped ever since. My graphics card is GTX950M.

    Right now, I can't seem to pierce through the 35FPS cap. I don't really have any elaborate mods installed apart from VisualV. No add-on cars or replacements. Just scripts (about 7-10 of 'em).

    GPU drivers are up to date and I have also tried to tamper with the Nvidia control panel but that didn't help.

    I heard that the system may run slower at the start of using Win 10 - is this true?

    Prior to the upgrade I had a stable performance ranging from 45 up to 60 frames. No idea what might have happened in the meantime. :rolling_eyes:

  • @TheMurderousCricket is your vsync' set to half?

  • @TheHaqAttaq - It's set to full as far as I can tell, but it wasn't that. Thanks for chiming in though!

    I figured this out myself. Turns out the Xbox Game Bar is the culprit (despite me having no Xbox controller, go figure) because once I disabled it, the FPS rate improved considerably. I can run the game at a steady average of 56FPS again.

    I seriously can't grasp why OS and GPU developers keep making gamers "happy" with such a trashy game recording software! The same goes for GeForce Experience - apart from a laggy gameplay they offer overclocked "optimal" settings that are downright dangerous!

    Sure, it's fun to have a native recording program. But not when it eats up half of your resources, for the love of... :rolling_eyes:

  • @TheMurderousCricket Lmao', I feel ya'...

  • Whoa... Another discovery...

    I tried to delete some scripts from my folder and it turns out that the "Air Superiority" modification is a real pair of concrete shoes...

    When I removed this mod from the scripts, my FPS went up by further 10-15 points or so. Wonder why did I notice it only now. ;)

    It is a nice mod with great air combat. But it is very poorly written I'd say.

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