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Help with Object Creation

  • hi guys. so, I have a project to make a short film inside GTA v due to the global pandemic.
    I wanted to make a simple vase, just to be imported to GTA v, just as a proof of concept that we can make custom assets that we can spawn in GTA v. but for the life of me, I can't make it spawn in GTA V.
    I use these two videos as a reference:

    and this is what I ended up with.
    alt text
    and here's the file I made
    when I followed the first video, I codewalker doesn't have the manifest export button. so snatched the manifest.xml from another mod and paste the code inside. so what did I do wrong? can anyone help? I really wanted this to work.
    Thank You for your time reading this

  • @SirAnKeKu Could be a couple things wrong, like maybe content.xml in the dlc.rpf not loading things. That first tutorial seemed to be correct. Here is a pic of another way to get a single custom prop into the game without wasting a dlcpack if you want to try it this way for getting it into SP for testing. As for getting it into FiveM, I don't have knowledge with that.

    alt text

    If you try the way in my pic and did not embed the texture, you can import the texture you used into a ytd in the rpf you place the ydr and put the name of that ytd into the CBaseArchetypeDef of the ydr in the ytyp.

    You also have an old version of CodeWalker if you are using the one from this site, that's why you couldn't work with the manifest. Here is the CW discord link where you can find the most up to date version in the #releases channel. https://discord.gg/qZzsnp

    Also, I see that you have the lafa2k tutorial in your dlcpacks, did that one work for you?

  • @chonkie
    hi. thank you for your suggestion. but unfortunately it doesn't work. when i try to use you method exactly, it doesn't show up in the menyoo object spawner. i use exactly what you told me.
    And when i retry to use the first video method, it just straight up crashed the game. here's the stuff i take, same as before
    and here's the stuff i use with the new manifest
    am i doing something wrong again? thank you

  • @SirAnKeKu Why don't you just use add on props to import custom props. Also, in order to get props to appear in menyoo, you need to add them to the proplist in the menyoostuff folder

    i followed @chonkie 's method and add it to the proplist. now it spawned. but it doesn't have collision. but i included it in the odr. why is that?

  • @SirAnKeKu Did you actually add collision to the object before you exported it?

  • @death7991
    i did. i followed the first video tutorial. wanted to make it shtter like glass, so i pick the material as glass. and it did show the bound in the ydr

  • @SirAnKeKu Did you add anything to the <physicsDictionary> section in the CBaseArchetypeDef of the ydr in the ytyp? Also, a ydr isn't going to shatter, it would need to be a yft which is a fragment object for that to happen.

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