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[RESOLVED] Add Video Problem

  • Why is it, that once a video has been added to A mod. it cannot be added to a different mod. For example i wanted to share my Video of Su-30's afterburner effect on the universal Afterburner Mod, from im not mental. but since i had added that video to my Su-30 Mod i could not add it to universal Afterburner Mod. it said .

    "the video has Already been Added to Su-30 MOD."

    what's the wisdom behind it i am just curious its a small thing. not a big issue. can be ignored for a greater good. just curious though.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I used to get a lot of people spamming their videos all around just to get views, even on mods that were unrelated. I'll consider lifting this restriction for when you want to post a video on your own mod, though :slight_smile:

  • @rappo I see. spammers.. yes that would be helpful if we can post same video on 2 mods but.. it rarely happens. anyways i understand now. better. leave it they way it is righ tnow. [Solved.] thank you for a timely reply.

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