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[TUTORIAL][VIDEO] AddonProps 1.1 - Let's add a simply addon prop!!

  • You can watch the video here:

    Be sure to check the video description for more info and extra tips about it!!

  • Is there a way i can do this from my galxey s7edge

  • @Justingames123456789 OpenIV, Map Editor and GTA V aren't available for Android, so no, you can't.

  • @Sandra-linson Yop, I just would like to know how to build the list faster cause it's pretty boring to delete/add all thing one by one, and i don't seize how this json code work ;S

  • @Sandra-linson Thank you!

  • Banned

    Can i use this on my xbox one

  • @FooFooDaKidd No, these mods are for PC only. You can neither use these mods on consoles nor discuss console modding on the site.

  • Banned

    Are ther any for ps3

  • @FooFooDaKidd Which part of "these mods are for PC only" did you not understand?

  • Help please?

    Is there a way to put mod menus in GTA V online on the ps3? If so,how? Cause I've been watching videos of "how-to's" and they're not very specific on the details. Like..Could i do it without messing up my ps3? Do i need to jailbreak? I hope not. And other stuff.
    I need to know if I could have these mods while playing online like how i would normally do with other players. And would I have these mods on that same character,same PSN account that I've been playing for about a year now.

    (I'm typing this out here cause i really don't know how this website really works. I just really need help)

     **Moderator's note:** *Consider this your Warning, Discussions about online account modding. or Console modding is Strictly prohibited on this website, This website is for PC Version only.*

  • @Argoncgr NO. Did you read the above posts? And we don't talk about console modding or online mods on this forum. This is for PC ONLY.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 nope,sorry. I didn't read the above posts. So this whole website thingy,doesn't have anything to do with console modding? .-.

  • @Argoncgr It's prohibited to discuss both online and console modding here.

  • @Argoncgr yes, we are sorry my friend. but console modding is not supported on this website. there might be console dedicated mods out there, But this Website discourages it. so please in future, before you post read the forum guidelines carefully. Thank you for understanding.

  • @FoxtrotDelta omg I'm really really sorry :O My little brother's been asking me to get mods for the game cause we've been playing and there's always this one guy every session with mods and stuff. And he's getting kinda envious. So i was thinking of surprising him with a mod menu for christmas 😂 I'm really sorry. But if you know anyone who could help? Please do tell me? Or..not. if it's really really discouraged. I'm sorry if I'm getting annoying ^^" I'll go bury myself in shame after this one. Haha

  • @Argoncgr Don't use mod menus/trainers for online, not just because it's prohibited, it's simply not ethical. In SP, I don't mind using trainers because we are the only one who's playing. But it's unfair for other users in online if we use mods to stop health from draining or to have infinite ammo. If there's a person who use mods online for cheating, just report him.

  • @Akila_Reigns not to mention that it is exponentially easier to get banned on consoles. My friend hosted modded lobbys (not cheating, just for fun) in gta online and he gets banned so often.

  • @Argoncgr at least you are honest and show remorse. Most people are pricks and/or don't respond. I respect that.

  • @Argoncgr nope. on this website. there is simply no chance. and don't be really that much sorry, best thing would be for your Brother to play games, modded ones, on a PC.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I don't know how to reply to all of you,but thank you! Hope you don't hate me for bothering you guys like this. ^^" I just bought a PC version of GTA V earlier. I told my brother he could go have fun with the mods on story mode. He's been on it for hours now 😂😂 Thank you guys! I guess i'll see you around? :D

  • @Argoncgr great! those mods, never stop . every day a new one.! PC version is great. Thank you.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Actually, PC version is the best. :)

  • @Akila_Reigns i agree.

  • Dude thats awesome, does that mean I could add a car part lets say like a spoiler to the object list and use spooner to attach it to any car?

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