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GTA V redux sound problem

  • Hi guys i just finished instaling GTA v redux and after that, there is no bass sound in game, weapons sounds like toys, after uninstaling bass is baco. What can cause the problem?


    @AcidPLN Redux itself. Is a very bad pack of old and stolen mods which got removed from this site years ago for that exact reason. Better try using other mods like VisualV or NaturalVision Evolved (this one only available through Patreon for now) for graphic enhancements.

  • @AcidPLN Redux is multiple mods compiled into one oiv installer instead of just a proper graphic mod. You can think it like new PCs that comes with tons of junk apps installed in it.

    I would recommend you to install VisualV, then use Redux's timecycle and ReShade (I use Vivid one). You won't see any graphical difference compared to single Redux.

    Also can use it's .ytd files too if you wish like frontend.ytd , graphics.ytd . I didn't tested myself but I think it was skydome.ytd and stay away from that one. Makes the clouds look blocky and pixalleted especially while trying to blend in with blue sky and horizon.

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