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Be EXTREMELY careful while installing .oiv packages and always backup your entire game folder (Yes all of it except folders and x64..., not just mods folder)

  • I want to share a truly hard way learned experience with you, jump to the end if you don't wish to read.

    A month ago or so I was found a mod called QuantV, their screenshots were very very close to realistic for me so I downloaded it. Today I finally successfully edited my dispatch.meta and make it fully working so I decided to give this quant sh.t a try.

    Since I was always backing up my mods folder, I decided to just install it with it's .oiv installer and if I don't like it, I just restore my mods folder from my backup..

    I installed it but when I launched the game I noticed that colors are extremely washed out and no ENB nor ReShade working at all. Their windows are not poping up.

    I went ahead to check the oiv's content but there wasn't anything regarding to ENB or ReShade. However I noticed some dlls were missing from my game folder. I was truly shocked with that and I just couldn't believe OpenIV would allow a such stupid thing and was thinking win defender got an update and false positive the regarding dlls. I checked the quarantined items but nothing.

    Then I went ahead and checked the assembly.xml inside .oiv and found these lines...
    <delete>d3dcompiler_46e.dll</delete> (THIS ONE IS A REQUIRED GAME FILE, DIDN'T COME WITH A MOD)
    <add source="QuantV.ini">QuantV.ini</add>
    <add source="QuantV.asi">QuantV.asi</add>

    as it's very sadly looking here, this mtherfcking mod sorry my language but I'm boiling with anger, just went and for no reason deleted my enb, reshade and all the custom settings I have made... I was spent countless of hours to tweak those settings to my liking so my game looks very beautiful and such a sh.tty mod like this just deleted them without even prompting anything.

    and truly shame on OpenIV as well for allowing oiv packages delete such things...

  • you can choose destination: mods folder/gtav folder

    if you use mods folder the oiv CAN'T change files outside of the mods folder

  • @ShadoFax Unfortunately it can. I know it shouldn't, but it can. Learned it the hard way when I lost something I worked countless of hours to tweak to my liking and adapt to the graphic mods I installed.

    If you wish you can go ahead and try yourself. Realism Dispatch Enhanced also adds files to scripts folder and main game folder as well. Doesn't delete though but replaced the new NativeUI.dll with an older one. Luckily most dlls are easy to find. but the configurations not unless you backup them :(

  • That is some story @Aurora11. Maybe the guy who wrote that mod works for Take2. :zipper_mouth:

    But I also have my suspicions that G17, responsible for LSPDFR, is doing some illicit tampering with the user's configuration too... I was seriously worried when they have announced that they will "determine a way to deal with older app builds". Few days later, I started to experience crashes... From that point on, I have stopped logging to the sync.

    Let me cite a classic and say "Nama go f&#k yourself" to any such "creator". Mods are supposed to be enjoyed the way you like, with any game build that you have managed to save. :relaxed: Luckily, problems like these are rather uncommon.

  • that's why I install everything manually. I've never trusted .oiv

  • @TheMurderousCricket So true really :(

    @Dogamizer I will do the same too from this moment on. I will just extract the files with 7zip and check assembly.xml to find where they needs to go and gonna do it manually :/

  • @Aurora11

    d3dcompiler_46e.dll and d3d11.dll are ENB files.
    d3dcompiler_46.dll is game file.

    Regardless, no piece of software (mod or otherwise) should be deleting files from your computer without prior consent. Maybe report the mod's dodgy actions to a moderator.

  • Your right. OIV file bricked my game. Map Builder Mod In Particular. Once I took it off everything worked fine. I'm not gonna probably waste time with OIVS. Even though there claimed to be safe I'd beg to differ. Even with the Map Builder Mod it suppposedly installs a gameconfig for claimed "Stability", but I think that was what bricked me rather then the mod itself. I already have quite a bit going on, and I dont want to go through that again so I'm def avoiding the OIVS. Not to mention I have the Epic Games store version so it seems to vary from which version people have. Everything non oiv has worked great though. Menyoo, NET,Simple Trainer,Scripthook, Map editor, all my addon cars, etc, etc. I already have all the basics in line mod folder, oiv, etc, etc so that had nothing to do with it. Pure simple fact of the config that came with map builder mod crashing my system. I could probably try to install and use another config, but I dont know if I want to take the risk. I really want the map builder going, but I can get away with map editor and menyoo for that stuff. Maybe the developer will update it for use with Epic Games store. I'm on version 1.0.1868.4 if that make any difference.

  • @Dogamizer You are right I confused that file. I was very angry and so upset and couldn't notice the "e" in all that :/ and so true :( I would but for whatever reason author removed the mod from here and it's on gtainside. I don't know why honestly, the mod didn't look stolen to me and I can't contact the author in there. I doubt moderators would even read messages either..
    Though I went to OpenIV section at the gtaforums and made a topic there asking openiv team to remove delete feature from oiv packages. Don't know would they consider but I hope they do :/ I wish it would be like Nexus Mod Manager that you can install/uninstall mods without worrying about majorly breaking other things..

    @freestile So true :( and I don't understand why Epic using a different version. That store sucks really :( If you wish, I would recommend using World of Variety's gameconfig. It's in the oiv installer but you can easily open it with 7zip and take the config. It seemed very stable to me, better than F7YO's. Also Infinite Gameconfig is good as well, works stable.

  • @freestile said in Be EXTREMELY careful while installing .oiv packages and always backup your entire game folder (Yes all of it except folders and x64..., not just mods folder):

    Even with the Map Builder Mod it suppposedly installs a gameconfig for claimed "Stability", but I think that was what bricked me rather then the mod itself.

    This is exactly the reason why I have never installed Map Builder. Though I wanted to, very much.

  • @TheMurderousCricket I hear ya. I so want to get Map Builder Mod going too, but once I got that brick I got real cautious.I'm glad to see a little activity here. I asked a couple questions, but I didn't get an answer. I was kinda sad, but I prevailed just by sleuthing myself. I really want to install this bad https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/realistic-driving-v#comments_tab but once again it's one of those OIV files so I'm not sure if I want to even go there. Seems like I've had success manually installing stuff. The map mod builder didn't have an uninstaller oiv I believe so I just followed this and did #2 https://www.patreon.com/posts/how-to-uninstall-17443084. For the Realistic Driving Mod that seems to come with an OIV uninstaller so I kind of like that. I'm not sure if this Realistic Driving Mod does like Map Builder and installs another Gameconfig although it doesnt say anything. I feel like being real cautious with these oiv's for a while. Maybe learn a bit more about the whole process. Other then that I been enjoying eveything so far, and its been pretty damn smooth.

  • @freestile - The only thing that I have ever installed through OIV was VisualV. Period. No way I could even loose anything. :grin: But the fact also is that I am an undemanding guy - as long as I can run LSPDFR and play story mode with some scripts, I'm happy. Don't even have a single replacement / add-on vehicle...

  • @TheMurderousCricket Me too. It seemed to me it's very good (also it's grass.oiv as well). However I did on an empty mods folder.

    It's grass.oiv installation is made very good too with dlclist.xml . Instead of replacing the file with a provided dlclist.xml, it adds the required line inside the xml file instead. Very good :thumbsup:

  • I've got use to extracting oiv addon vehicles and just doing it manually. I'm hoping to start taking advantage of the automatic oiv thing, but for now installing manuallys been working great.

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