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My account always logged out, and when i try to login with my password it says wrong password :(

  • @administrators Hello admin, so i just get back to GTA for a while. Downloading my favorite mods from the web. But sometimes my account is always logged out. It never happened before. And when i tried to enter my password, it always said my password is incorrect. So the only way for me to login is the "Forget Password" and then reset my password with my email.

    Please help :(


    This isn't normal site behaviour, so I can only guess that something in your setup is causing it. Try a different browser or disabling your addons.

  • @administrators i intentionally uninstall my windows on purpose and upgraded from 8.1 to 10. already disabled addons and reinstall chrome. and im already try microsoft edge too, but the problem still occurred. it's automatically logged me out and my password are change

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