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Which specific dlcpacks have content that is needed for 'Online Missions for SP' mods?

  • I am new to GTA5 and have limited space on my PC due to modding other games and my slightly older rig. I am very keen to play some of the 'Online Missions for SP' mods, but none are very specific on which specific dlcpacks they need to function (I think one mentioned mplowrider).

    I'd like to delete any/all dlcpacks that I don't need for SP Online Mission mods, but keep those could be used by these mods. Can anyone clarify which dlcpacks are most likely to have the content I need? (Specifically dlcpacks that include maps/buildings/banks/hotels etc).

    I'm not too worried about cars or weapons, just interested in being able to play the mission themselves.

    Ex: mpgunrunning is needed for xyz mission. OR mpbiker was the December 20XX release and included xyz missions. Any info, however vague, would be helpful. I'm having a hard time even connecting the dlcpacks to the year and release they were a part of due to the vague naming convention.

  • @Lofiguy mpheist is for the first heist missions. Like the one with Flecca Job, Prison Break, Pacific Standart and such.. mpheist3 is for Diamond Casino heist. I believe mpgunrunning was for Doomsday Heist but not fully sure with that one.

  • @Aurora11 Much obliged, thank you. Do you know which dlcpack had the After Hours release?

  • @Lofiguy You are welcome :3 It's mpbattle.

  • @Aurora11 Awesome thank you!!

  • @Lofiguy Always a pleasure :3

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