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  • So, ever since I started modding this game about 6 months ago I've kept a log/notepad of each mod I have used. 95% of them are from 5mods.com
    Not ALL files from EVERY mod can be used all at once obviously, but at least one file (values, textures... ect.ect.) from each of these mods is used in creating my game as I see fit.
    Whenever I install a new mod I open the Log & type the name in a random place, NO specific order.

    Check it out! Hopefully something catches your eye!

    Realistic Headlights Beam
    ENB (Various packages)
    ReShade + Framework (Various packages)
    Map Editor
    Object List 50K+
    Simple Trainer V
    Weapon Attachment Trainer
    Visual V
    Anamorphic Lensflares Completely Disabled
    Procedural shadows
    Controlled drift Handling
    Airstrike Services
    Bike T.C.S. Disable
    Rearranged pause menu
    Sheriff Lights Clipping FIX
    Spawn Where You Died
    No Wanted Music
    Red & Black Air Force One's
    San Andreas Icons
    Slow Motion Toggle
    Bengal Tiger mountain lion replace
    Galaxy Note 7 Sticky Bomb
    Superman Laser Beam Heatvision
    GPWS Alerts
    Heavy Car
    Weapon Laser Sight
    Brake Lights FIXED
    Sky Dive (fly)
    Modern Vehicle Lights
    LED Lights Mod 6.3
    Radiance V
    Custom Visuals & Blue Light Mod Pack
    Heavy Fog Mod
    HD Overhaul Project (dirt ground texture)
    HD Desert Modification
    No Grass Stipple
    Realistic Glass Bullet holes
    Paramedic Missions
    Diversifying Trees
    L.A. Roads & 2.7 Patch
    L.A. Vegetation
    L.S. Traffic
    HD Vegetation Overhaul
    ProjectRELOAD Texture Patch
    Rally Effect
    Increased dust trail Fix
    Not Todaaay! Lifelike Explosions
    HD vehshare.ytd 3.1+
    Go Stuck Yourself Mud Mod
    4K DIRT
    Ambient enTITTy_FX
    ZiPPO RAID Shithead Peds
    ZiPPO RAID's Royal Rumble Violence Overhaul
    Realistic Blood V
    xTreme Explosion Textures
    Euphoria-Ragdoll Overhaul
    5K Vegetation
    Weapon Sound Overhaul
    Insane Assult Shotgun
    Duel Weild
    World of Variety
    Higher Quality HBAO
    Tsunami, Atlantis & No Water Mod
    Illegal Street Races
    Faster AI Drivers
    Street Races
    Realistic Nitro 1.5
    RAIDER SHARKS + alwayse spawn in water
    Insane Rain
    Looney Lightning
    Real Thunder
    Enhanced Night Sky
    4k waterfoam
    4k/2k Water
    4K Bokeh Overhaul
    So I Smoke Right Burnout Mod
    NVIDIA Jester & Massacro livery
    LED Lights for Ambulance & Firetruck
    RDE - Realistic Dispatch Enhancement (only a few files)
    Police LEDs HQR BETAV3
    Emergency lighting enhancement 3.5
    LEDs & Amber lights (police)
    LED Spotlight and Corona Version 8.0
    2K Corona
    Carona Begone!
    LED weapon flashlight
    Real Vehicle Damage mod, File for each update.
    Army at 5 Stars Lazer/tank
    North Yankton better than TrainerV
    Big Map (MP mini-map)
    Satelite Map (pause menu)
    Open All Interiors
    Franklin House SLIPKNOT Overhaul
    SLIPKNOT .5 Tour T-Shirt (Franklin)
    MPbiker (MP in SP)
    Controlled Drift Handling
    GTA5 Dr!ft
    Hollywood Rollover
    Inverse Power
    Angry Planes Remake
    Reticle Color Pack
    HUD Color Pack
    On Foot Cinematic Camera
    Camera Lock
    3D Weapon & Radio Icons
    LeFix Speedometer
    Shark o Matic
    Just Cause 2 / JC2 Mod
    Vehicle EJECT
    Trains1 On Highway + faster trains
    Riot Mode
    Animal Cannon
    Vehilce Cannon
    Plane Carpet Bomber

    Current active Toggle switches list I've been building/modifying as I go...

    (f2) = LeFix Speedometer

    (f3) = Simple Trainer/TrainerV

    (f4) = Weapon Attachment Trainer / (O) NOT 0 = Toggle Silencer

    (f5) = RIOT MODE

    (f6) = Duel Wield

    (f7) = Map Editor

    (f8) / (f8 + shift) = On Foot Cinematic Camera

    (f9) = Shoot Vehicles Away

    (f10) = Speeding Vehicles / V Dr!ft MUST BE LAUNCHED SEPERATLY

    (f11) = Vehicle Cannon

    (f12) = Brake Light Fix

    (f12) = Animal Cannon

    (f12 + enter) = ENB on/off

    (pause) = ReShade on/off

    (2) = Paramedic Missions MUST BE IN AN AMBULANCE Vigilante doesn't work :'(

    (end) = Vehicle Eject

    (Z) = Camera Lock

    (N) = Next Self-Radio Track

    (shift + N) = Vehicle Nitro

    (Y) = Slow Motion/Bullet Time Toggle

    (M) = Change Mini-map Size / (X) = Disable Mini-map

    (L) = Weapon Laser Sight

    (8) = Heavy Car / (0) = Add Force / (9) = Subtract Force

    (9) = Speed Boost / (+) = Vehicle Rockets

    (fn + delete) insert = Refresh scripts folder

    (fn + home) num lk = Toggle All Open Interiors Mini-Map Blips

    (enter) = Supress GWPS Alarms for 15sec. / (backspace) = Test GWPS Alarms

    (Lft ctrl + N) = NIBmods menu

    (Lft ctrl + H) = Grapple Hook on/off

    (shift + H) = Airstrike Services Menu

    (delete) = Spawn At Waypoint


    (R1 + SQUARE) = Simple Trainer/TrainerV

    (R1 + L1) = NIBmods menu
    (R2 + L2 + D-pad RIGHT) = NIBmods menu In Vehicle

    (D-pad DOWN) = Carpet Bombing View
    (R3) = Open Bomb Bay Doors (X) = Drop Bombs. Airplane Carpet Bombing

    (O) - Start Flying IMMIDIATLY AFTER JUMP / (R2) - Speed Up/Gain Altitude

    (D-pad LEFT + X) / (L2) = Superman's LaserEye Heatvision

  • @Weirdoutworld Mighty impressive list. :)

  • @LeeC2202 Thanks! GtaV was my first experience with modding any game & gaming on PC in general. So its special to me. Ive learned a LOT in the past 6 months modding gta:sa 4 &5, resident evils, dooms & older need for speed games also.

    All of my old favoriate games Ive went through & made them all that they can be. I should have bought a PC a long time ago...ha

    I just realized I have 2kcorona right above corona B gone. Haha facepalm. I go back & forth between the two.

  • @Weirdoutworld I download lots of mods with the intention of using them but ultimately, my scripts folder often ends up with just a single script in it and my game devoid of any other kinds of mods beyond a trainer. I kinda like Ped mods because whilst I have completed the GTAV story, I bought it for the open world and the free-roaming... and the mod creation side got my interest a bit.

    The current modding scene is certainly a lot different to the 1980's, where it mainly involved POKE'ing new sprite data into the memory of the C64 with an Expert Cartridge. :D

  • @LeeC2202 LOL yea. I had a couple addon cars about a month ago & made my own dlclist.xml & one day it just kept crashing right after the launcher on me so I gave up the whole "addon/replace" for now. No car's & No Peds.
    I may return to try it again soon tho. Theres a LOT of good Peds & Car mods out there.

  • hey since u know so much about modding can u help me mod cause i updated to the last version to 1.36 and now nothing works i tried so much nothign no cars no graphic mods nothing no scripts pls help

  • @Weirdoutworld Now that's an impressive list.:thumbsup:

    Mine should be long like that too, since I've been here from the beginning, unfortunately I don't keep a mod list ( I have a list of vehicle add-on though). I can say I've tried around 90% of your list. Thanks for sharing.

    @LeeC2202 For some reason adding more than one add-on ped crashes my game, It's because of the gameconfig.xml, isn't it? But I have many add-on cars, I don't want to lose 'em. Is there a gameconfig for both add-on vehicles and peds?

  • @Akila_Reigns howwwwwwwwwwwwwww do u add cars i still cant find it out i tried now all gameconfigs and every time when i try to spawn it ingame "Invalid Model"

  • Man I hate this Ive tried everything to mod a copied folder do not want to mod original how come it always It always opens the original files playgta.exe grrrr how to change pls help logs say they load fine but nothing works

  • @Akila_Reigns I use the same gameconfig that everyone recommends (even myself). I only have about 5 or 6 addon peds because I only want the female ones. But I have those and 27 cars without any problems using that same gameconfig.

  • @BoldPandaLane You need to update to the newest scripthook. Launch the game from the main directory as an administrator.

  • @LeeC2202 Should I be able to run the Ragehook & Scripthook @ the same time? Ragehook seems so neat with its own menu & features... bit It just wont work with SHV.

  • @Weirdoutworld I don't know but I am soon to find out.

    Someone says that the latest version of my camera mod causes a fatal error when the RAGE Scripthook is installed, so I am going to be testing that tonight. I have never used RAGE, so I don't know what it does... yet. :)

    Edit: I've got to find it to download it first saying that... is it on here? I tried searching but...

  • @LeeC2202 No, its not here. I just googled it & the main site came up. check it out & let me know if you come up with anything. It pretty nifty.

  • @LeeC2202 I think its mostly used by the guys who play LSPDFR or whatever its called where they play as a cop. I never tried it.

  • @Weirdoutworld I've just downloaded the plugin and am about to try and install it... jeez, talk about bloatware... two handfuls of dlls and an exe for a scripthook. :(

    Will report back shortly...

  • Sorry @Weirdoutworld I am just not impressed by what I saw during the installation, so installing that is not going to happen I'm afraid. :(

    When something says "Do you want us to save your game version in case something goes wrong?", then it waves a big red flag in my book. Especially when the software is at Alpha stage.

    If it gets refined into something more acceptable, I'll look at it again but at this point in time, I don't need the plugin and I don't want the hassle.

  • @LeeC2202 I can understand that. Theres definitely features there that scripthook dosent have. Im going to see if I can get them going together. Im a software hoarder. Ha

  • @Weirdoutworld Are there any features in particular? You know me, always up for a challenge... a safe one that is.

  • @LeeC2202 In terms of coding, there are a bit more functions compared to SHVDotNet I believe. Based on what I've seen in the documentation of course. For example there is a HandlingData class that allows you to easily mess with the handling.meta without having to mess around with the offsets yourself. Real similar to what ikt's handling mod does. I'm sure they have more functions that make use of memory reading/editing that SHVDotNet does not have built in. Then again, that is all possible in SHVDotNet or SHV but we just have to do the extra work with the offsets and all. Too bad RPH doesn't seem to be open-source.

  • @stillhere Having had a quick look through the docs, there are some interesting concepts going on in there, like the fibers. But from a developer's perspective, the whole implementation is cumbersome and intrusive. How a user has to prepare their system to run the plugin/script I create, is a significant factor in whether I use a development system or not.

    You seem to be able to develop plugins using a single dll as a reference and to me, that is what should be there as an end-user requirement as well... a single (or at most two) dll files. But that installer is installing (and doing) way too much stuff for my liking.

    So whilst I can see how it might offer more functionality, I can also see why more people go the SHVDN route... it's more transparent, carries far less risk and with a bit of imagination and creative development, can probably give you the same results as RPH.

    I'll give them credit for one thing though... their documentation is pretty good. The one thing that really disappoints me about the whole script side of GTAV modding, is the unwillingness to share information and the lack of information in general. I see how helpful the modellers are and to be honest, that's exactly what I have experienced over the years working as (and with) artists in general... they seem to have no problem sharing what they know.

    Programmers on the other hand... it's almost like every bit of knowledge is top-secret... and I have never understood why. Maybe it's being a hybrid that lets me share my knowledge, regardless of the topic... who knows. :) But if you go to any of the home-bases of the many libraries and hooks we use, information is very thin on the ground and in a lot of cases, non existent. Open source projects are often outdated, so building them is of no use either.

    Darn it... :( I thought I was sat on my chair and I was stood on my soapbox again. :blush:

  • @LeeC2202 I agree; I haven't bothered with RPH for pretty much those same reasons but mostly because, based on what I've read in the past, there are some users that simply cannot get RPH to work for one reason or another. I'd like to avoid alienating those users so I use SHVDotNet instead. IIRC, there are unfortunately some users that claim that they can only get .ASI scripts to work, but I can't do much about that since I don't know C++ :/
    I also agree with the lack of sharing/information issue, especially for someone inexperienced like myself haha. Trying to find something that seems simple can be so frustrating at times. On the other hand, it forces me to do the research and learn it myself, which isn't so bad, just time consuming. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • @Frazzlee yeah I understand the reasoning. When you find something it feels pretty great lol

  • @Frazzlee said in MODDING LOG...:

    whatever you find you keep for yourself lol, because theres lots of competition

    I think you've highlighted the important point there... too many people see it as a competition and forget why we mod things.

    All I know is that I came to this and was excited by the prospect of creating mods... now I am rapidly losing interest in it. I can only give out so much without a return of any kind... man cannot live on feedback alone. :)

    Perhaps it's a war of attrition... last man standing kind of thing... in which case, I'm happy to take the loss. :(

  • @LeeC2202 lol your soapbox is entertaining.

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