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  • @Weirdoutworld Sorry... I don't mean to... developer's passion is hard to suppress. I'm going to log out of my forum account today, stop it happening again. :(

  • @Weirdoutworld As a payment in return for my recent contributions... I decided to install RPH, seemed the least I could do.

    Works fine with SHVDN and my camera mod.

  • OK, this is a serious question. Has anyone ever come across the name Kevin Yang when dealing with the Ragehook Plugin? Because I find it less than coincidental that immediately after installing the Rage plugin today, my login box is filled with Kevin Yang's email address.

    That is extremely worrying...

  • @LeeC2202 Woah man... thats not cool. You declined the version backup & everything except the initial install right?

  • @Weirdoutworld Yep... I told it to do nothing apart from install itself.

  • @LeeC2202 I'm curious about that. I really cant see it being a threat tho. There's a LOT of people that use it & make mods for it.

    what log in? social club?

  • @LeeC2202 I was wondering about playing lSPDFR, now I'm having second thoughts.

  • @LeeC2202 Maybe the LSPDFR site can be some help to figure out what's going on.

  • @Weirdoutworld Yeah, I added the commandline.txt this morning with the -scofflineonly option, so it asks you for a login every time as it doesn't remember your password when you do that. I was just about to enter my password when I noticed the name.

  • @Weirdoutworld I've just tweeted the rage twitter account with the question "Do you know who Kevin Yang is?"

  • @LeeC2202 Thats crazy. Please keep us updated if you find out anything about it.

  • @Weirdoutworld I will... this is what I got... pixelated out some details for security purposes.

    alt text

  • @LeeC2202 Can you log in and play GTA V? I read a post in Reddit about people hacking social club accounts and selling them to people.

  • @Akila_Reigns I just logged in with my details and played the game. It said I logged in offline, which was correct as I was using the commandline.txt file.

    But even though I had entered my details and had the "Remember me" option selected, it has immediately come back with that Kevin Yang login.

  • @LeeC2202 It's probably not RPH. Clear data or reinstall Social Club, change your password (just to be sure).
    Rockstar's support is not acceptable, so you may have to take care of it yourself.

  • @Akila_Reigns My password is unlikely to have been cracked... over 18 characters, multi-case, alpha and numeric is unlikely to be worked out. I also use my own self-written password manager so I never have to type it in, so it can't be keylogged.

    I have just tried to uninstall Social Club but it wants to uninstall GTAV before it will allow it... maybe renaming the GTAV folder will cure that.

    @Frazzlee My first thoughts were that RPH was modifying the game files but after installing it, I don't think it is. If you don't launch it via the RPH exe file, the game is clean of any RPH files. So it must hook the launcher through its own .exe, if you run it that way.

  • And all this on the day the RageHook site goes offline... hmmm.

    Edit: Just completely removed Social Club, reinstalled it and it immediately came up with the same email address... something very wrong here.

  • @LeeC2202 Remove RPH?

  • @Akila_Reigns That had already gone completely.

  • @LeeC2202 This may sound dumb, how about unticking remember me option, then restart/reinstall Social Club? Please tell if you fix it.

  • @Akila_Reigns Maybe I was wrong about RPH doing something to the files. I deleted all my Social Club data and finally got rid of that rogue email address, which makes me believe that it is embedded into my profile data somehow... however, GTAV was crashing constantly. I have just set it to verify the files and it wants to download over 5GB of data.

    I cannot believe that RPH isn't the cause of this (in some part at least) seeing as my GTAV has run without error for months, through all of my testing. Yet the day I install RPH and only RPH, I get all this happening. I cannot accept that as pure coincidence.

    It make me wonder if someone planted a parting gift in the download before the site went offline.

  • Just a quick update... whatever this was now seems to be gone. A complete clear out of my profile, a complete verification of my game files and I seem to have my login back and a stable game. Needless to say, I'll stick with SHVDN from now on. :D

    Edit: And sorry for derailing another thread. :(

  • @LeeC2202 Glad its back up & running good for ya. I love reading about all this kind of stuff. Derail all you want. Haha.

  • @LeeC2202 Glad to hear you fixed it.
    @Weirdoutworld Here's my modding log, but I won't be able to mention all of them, because I don't remember all of the mods I've used.

    Script Hook V
    Script Hook V .Net
    Map Editor
    Object List 50K+
    Simple Trainer
    Weapon Attachment Trainer
    Visual V
    Natural Vision
    LA Roads
    Project Reload
    Native Trainer
    Bodyguard menu
    MW2 Predator Missile
    Air fleet
    HD Vehshare
    Real Billboards
    No Wanted Music
    No Wanted Music
    4K DIRT
    Euphoria-Ragdoll Overhaul
    Raider's Rapid Shark Spawns 2: Feeding Frenzy
    On-Foot Cinematic Cam
    Radiance V
    L.A. Vegetation
    No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis Mod
    LED weapon flashlight
    Carona Begone!
    Satelite Map
    Open All Interiors
    Hollywood Rollover
    Angry Planes Remake
    Just Cause (2? 3? I don't remember) mod
    Watch Dogs mod
    Iron Man mod
    Hulk mod
    Batman mod
    Quantum Break mod
    Carpet Bomber
    Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement
    Law Enforcement Improvements
    MPbiker SP
    World of Variety
    High Quality HBAO
    Procedural shadows
    No Grass Stipple
    Go Stuck Yourself Mod
    Realistic Glass Bullet holes
    Earth's Atmosphere
    4k/2k Water
    4K Bokeh Overhaul
    Afterburners for add-on aircraft
    Smoke Spawner
    Animated Wipers
    Hot coffee
    Disarm mod
    Umbrella mod
    RDR Witnesses
    Grand Theft Zombies
    Animal ARK Shelter
    Sitting mod
    Stance-Crouch/Prone mod
    Weapons on back
    Crawl injury
    Lasso mod
    More random events
    Working Hot dog Vendors
    Benny's motorworks SP
    Railroad engineer
    Heist Project
    FPS Booster (Back when I had Intel Graphics..)
    Pet Lovers
    FOV mod
    Los Santos Airlines
    Personal driver mod (Don't remember the name)
    Airstrike mod
    Riot Mode
    Spawn Where You Died
    HD Desert mod
    Heavy Fog
    Increased dust trail
    Illegal Street Races
    Faster AI Drivers
    4k waterfoam
    4k fire
    Vehicle Eject
    Vehilce Cannon
    I'mNotmentaL's persistence mod
    POV Camera Unlocker
    Premium Delux mod
    Dual Wield
    Automatic Air vents
    Realistic Nitro
    3 man army
    Bodyguard dogs
    The Bird

    I'm getting bored, so I'll stop here.

  • @Akila_Reigns Thanks! I found a couple im defiantly going to try.

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