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How to properly change the name of the model for addon cars?

  • When I spawn the addon vehicles with trainer, I'd like to spawn them with their full name. Like for example AstonMartinDBS instead of 19dbs.

    Anywho so I changed the model names of yft and ytds to AstonMartinDBS. Then I went to vehicles.meta and carvariations.meta and changed the <modelName>19dbs</modelName> to <modelName>AstonMartinDBS</modelName> .

    However when I do that, car looking very weird like all chrome and constantly changing color, dials not working, windows being all black and such.

    So how can I change their names properly without facing these issues?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @Aurora11

    At the bottom of the vehicles.meta, you'll see a section <txdRelationships>
    You need to change the appropriate name of your model in this section to get dash gauges to work.

    You also need to change the model name in carvariations.meta
    This file sets vehicle colours and names the modkit the vehicle will use, which is found in the carcols.meta file.

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  • @Dogamizer Thank you so much. I think the txdRelatinship was the one I missed. I hope it also fixes the color problem as well. I was already changed the modelname in carvariations.meta.

  • @Dogamizer It stil didn't work for me unfortunately :/

    What I did so far is;



    but the car still spawns with black windows and headlight glasses, color looks very awkward :(

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    @Aurora11 not sure what I did, but I made my own car pack. I took the same car and duplicated it ten times calling each car Car1 Car2 Car3. Anytime I have an addon I want permanent I add the entry to this car pack. For example I had one addone called na25. Every single entry in the entire download that said na25 I changed when adding to my car pack. Worked for me.

  • @InfiniteQuestion You mean every single thing like modkits and such all of it? Alrighty I'm gonna try that one too.

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    @Aurora11 one car I just counted had 56 lines in 4 files to change. Use notepad++ to easily bulk change car names.

    Dont forget the handling file too

  • @InfiniteQuestion So I changed absolutely everything that says 19lbs to AstonMartinDBS. even content.xml and setup.xml but now I'm getting ERR_SYS_FILELOAD Corrupt game data. error on startup :D

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    @Aurora11 shouldn't need to do content or the others. That's for the game when loading the DLC from Dlclist. Thats different.

    The game will see Dlclist as load Car1. So then it loads tge directory Car1 to read the contents. The 4 files, but sometimes more, plus the model names and maybe addons need to change.

    My content says CarPack, but inside is 30 cars all individually named inside the 4 files.

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    @Aurora11 There is a mod on here that my pack is based on. It's how I learned to combine cars and change names. But damn me I can't remember the name of it or how I found it.

  • @InfiniteQuestion Oh. So you have them all in 1 dlc pack only. I may try that one too honestly but I didn't feel like doing it.

    Probably because of cars don't show any names when I get in them :D but I might try your way as well :D
    or I can just use TrainerV's Addon Vehicles Menu to spawn them. That thing is reaaly interesting, I'm not putting any entry into it's ini or anything but it can still detect every addon vehicles :D I can just change their names properly in their gxt2 :D

  • @InfiniteQuestion I think I know it. Is it this one? https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/add-on-replace-base-folder

    I'm using this one's addonvehicles4 folder for emergency addon vehicles except the ones with vehiclelayouts. Couldn't get them working but there are only 2 of them anyway so I'm using it in their own folders :D

    I even put the addonvehicles2 for the normal cars but didn't use it, just stays empty there lol :D

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    @Aurora11 wow yep that is the file. Using that helped me figure our the car names. Plus helps the game not loading a too many packs

  • @InfiniteQuestion I feel like trying it too but many cars I downloaded has this vehiclelayout thingy. Gonna still go ahead and try them, maybe can just put in addonvehicles4 too (says it supports vehiclelayouts.meta). Maybe the normal cars work :D

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    @Aurora11 hmmm. I know I had alot of work that need to be done with the file structures, but I have one car with vehiclelayouts. I believe it's a truck. Seems to work, but not sure what the file does.

  • @InfiniteQuestion I tried this one but when it spawns as a dispatch, it spawns without a pilot or any ped in it and when I spawn it myself, game crashes when I try to get in.

    The ones that don't have vehiclelayouts works purrfectly.

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    @Aurora11 Oh how i hate dispatch helicopters. All disabled in my game. Just the mod itself crashes? I got no cars, other than that truck, that has layouts but even then all the file says is something about explosions. I'm doing my usual nightly testing right now, but you have me curious to try it out.

  • So from what I have read from the top all the way to the last post To me, the OP wants to change the names of his vehicles to show their full names.


    This link takes you to a useful thread that will help you learn how to change vehicle names and brand/make names. Hope this helps

  • @InfiniteQuestion I'm using https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/the-stealth-oiv so the helicopters don't have super eyes anymore :D and made it so only at 5 star the helicopter can rappel down swat team so it's realistic in my game now. When I change car they can't spot me :D

    This car for example https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2019-bmw-m8 has vehiclelayouts. I will check does it works.

  • @Marc30499 No no, I want to change the name of the model files.

    This car for example. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2019-aston-martin-dbs-art-magic-group

    It's model file names 19dbs.yft, 19dbs_hi.yft and 19dbs.ytd .

    In vehicles.meta it's model name of course is <modelName>19dbs</modelName>. So this means while spawning it with trainer's spawn with name option, I need to write 19dbs to spawn this car. What I want to do is I want to write AstonMartinDBS to spawn it. and to do that I need to change the model names to AstonMartinDBS but when I do that the car goes pretty much haywire :D Looks very awkward like black paint on chrome and color constantly changing/flickering. Windows and headlight glasses being all black.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Aurora11

    Wait a minute. Did you rename the model's YTD file (the textures)? Did you then also change <txdName> in vehicles.meta?
    <txdName> should also be changed to AstonMartinDBS

  • @Aurora11

    To fully change a model name follow these instructions.

    9dbs.yft -> AstonMartinDBS.yft
    19dbs_hi.yft -> AstonMartinDBS_hi.yft
    19dbs.ytd-> AstonMartinDBS -> AstonMartinDBS.ytd


    <handlingName> should match <handlingId> in vehicles.meta


    <kitName> should match <kits><Item> in carvariations.meta
    <id value> is an unused ID between 0 and 1024. GTA V cars use up to between 620 and 650 (I can't remember exactly). You should be safe using numbers from 900 up. Don't use 999 as it's already taken by the vanilla game.

    That should be it.

  • @Dogamizer lol that one worked thank you so much :D the one I missed <txdName>AstonMartinDBS</txdName> and it worked when I did that too :D

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