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I found a way to replace the original weapon with MK 2 (not perfect)

  • Recently, I found that we can actually edit some of the codes in 'weapons.xml' located in /Common/data/ai folder.
    There's a line that controls the model of each weapon. If we let the name ID stay the same, and change the model ID to the mark 2 ID, it will replace the original pistol model with a mark 2 pistol model. And it really works in game, the model changes. What also work are the parameters like damage, recoil, etc.

    But there are still problems.

    1. The icon on the weapon wheel stays the same, which is the original icon.
    2. I did replace all the attachments with the mark 2 attachments in 'weapons.xml' , but it didn't work out. When you head into the game, the attachment are still the original ones and they are all in the wrong place. I think it's because the game save file controls what attachment you're using, and the save file doesn't change, it restore all the original attachment back to your MK2 model.
    3. In order to change attachment, I went to Ammu Nation. The original pistol were there, and when I open the menu, nothing changes. All options are from the original pistol, there's no MK2 attachment options at all. I purchased a extent clip, my money reduced, but I couldn't equip it. (of course I couldn't equip it as I modded the attachment list of the original pistol)

    I believe all the MK2 attachment could equip to the pistol, but I just could find a way to get/buy those attachment. I don't think a trainer would work as it only offers you the correct attachments which are the original ones.
    I hope there's a way to mod the Ammu nation purchase menu, making the MK2 attachment available.

    If anyone have any thoughts, feel free to leave your comments below :)

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