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Question/Idea for Single Arm Aim (Not Gangsta Aim)

  • Found a cool one handed animation in menyoo I want to use instead of "gangsta aim"

    This new aim animation resembles the one in RDR2.

    I want to change the original aim to this new one handed one, if possible. (I believe it may be a scenario action)

    But the other cool thing i wanted to try and do would be to have the original 2 handed aim upon zoom, so you can have 2 lifelike animations with a seamless transition between the two.

    so like he's shooting bad ass with one hand, when you zoom, he grabs it with both and returns to the original animation.

    I'm still new, i kinda know my way around the files from the modding i've been doing, but i want to create, or help create something cool for the community and myself. If any of you have the time and want to give this idea a go, do as you will. Or help me create it, any information/help on where to start would be appreciated!

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