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[VEHICLE] Nissan Titan & Infiniti M45

  • Was wondering if anyone could possibly do me a huge favor and make these 2 vehicles for me with decent quality. For the Titan it would be cool to have the new Titan XDs but I feel like that would be hard to make because I doubt there's a model out there.
    Titan XD. Pic

    If anything it'd even be cool to have the older gen Titans. There's even already a mod for GT 4 that someone made.
    Old Titan Mod

    And the M45 is my dream car so I'd absolutely love to have it in GTA. They don't even have to have tuning. I'd just be happy if anyone even considered making these haha. But if they do get done I promise to put em in a nice video and give whoever credit for it ;)
    M45 Pic

    Thanks in advance :P

  • Bump - Nobody?

  • @Darcnis If you provide an model, then it is more likley somebody will convert it. Nobody wants to buy a car for 80 bucks from a guy to requested it.

  • @Kwebbl You must not have read the entire thing, I did provide a model. And I wasn't asking anybody to do that. Was just simply seeing if someone would help me out, that's all.

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