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how to uninstall rageuphoria

  • how to uninstall rageuphoria. Its crashing my game

  • @NotTakenName
    Download 7zip (if you don't have it installed already) & use it to extract the 'RAGEuphoria.oiv' & 'Weapon Physics (REQUIRED).oiv' somewhere.
    Have a look in the extracted folders for the files RAGEuphoria installs & see their install locations in the 'assembly.xml' files.
    I downloaded RAGEuphoria & noticed a few files ('weapons.meta' & 'behaviours.xml') in the '.oiv's are installed to 'common.rpf'. If you have any of the files it installs to 'common.rpf' (there are others aside from the ones I mentioned) in 'update.rpf' as well, that is the most likely reason for your crash.

    Once you gain access to the files inside the '.oiv's using 7zip, you could always use 'Ctrl+F3' in OpenIV to see if any of them exist in your 'update.rpf' & install them manually there instead. Might fix crash etc

    If not, or you just want to uninstall it completely, you're looking at finding where it installed the files (using 'assembly.xml') & then replacing them with ones from a backup or vanilla files from the game folder.

    One easy way to do it is to:

    • track down your original versions of all the files the '.oiv's installed
    • Open the '.oiv's with 7zip
    • drag & drop your files over the RAGEuphoria files in the same '.oiv' folder location (ie replacing them)
    • Confirm the update of the '.oiv' archive & close 7zip
    • Reinstall the newly modified 'oiv's the same way as you originally did to replace the RAGEuphoria game files with your ones

  • i now remember before i installed rage euphoria i made a backup of my mods folder (the one without rage euphoria). so can i just delete my mods folder with rage euphoria and put in my old one?

  • @NotTakenName
    Yeah, that should work :thumbsup:
    If you installed RAGEuphoria v1.5 Final (most likely, as it was released in 2018 & has no newer releases), it only installs files to:

    • 'update.rpf'
    • 'common.rpf'
    • 'x64a.rpf'

    So just replacing those three '.rpf's using the ones in your backup should be enough to get you back up & running :thumbsup:

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