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5Mods Team Denied Mod That Supports Pride Month

  • A good friend of mine recently attempted to post a vehicle wrapped in an LGBTQ livery to support this Pride Month.
    His mod was denied and he was left with the comment pictured below. While the comment doesn't state what rule was violated, I am lead to believe it is this rule that reads, "Any file depicting a political figure or ideology that is, at the complete discretion of the administrator, deemed to be something that will cause unnecessary debates in the comments section"
    I understand not everyone supports the LGBTQ community but to basically say that the LGBTQ community is a burden to the 5Mods community is just wrong. Going forward I'd like to see better analysis as to what mods are accepted and what mods aren't and that the 5Mods team look into what they will consider causes an "unnecessary debates in the comments section"
    Moderator's Response

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Johnthedev, @TylerTheDev - Is it the emergency vehicle livery with the rainbow letters? I can see it's there on the downloads page.


    alt text

  • @TheMurderousCricket That's my mod, the one that @ReNNie posted was John's.

  • All the more reason to ask why it wasn't approved...?

  • Banned

    Green was not equally represented in the colors. I feel discriminated against.


    my comment says it all tbh

    we do have some standard here, your livery (since there's 2 of you talking) is very clearly just half assed slapped together.

    and no. im not against the LGBTQ community and not once did i say anything about it being a burden on the comunity as you say. it was rejected because its a half assed livery.

  • @Reacon said in 5Mods Team Denied Mod That Supports Pride Month:

    it was rejected because its a half assed livery.

    I guess you do have a point too...


    can be clearly seen from ReN's photo of it that 0 effort was put in it. hell, even the random flag on the door isnt straight nor is the text

  • I think moderator actions, like mod rejections and user bans, should be a little more descriptive. "this ain't it" isn't exactly clear. What should have been said is what you are saying now: rejected due to a deficiency in quality.

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