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how do i...

  • how do i change the stars given to the player when commiting a crime
    for example:i killed someone it gives me three stars

  • @rainlars I believe 3 star is scripted somehow and when you kill a cop it auto gives you 3 stars. I don't know is there any mods that changes the initially given star numbers but I know these 2 mods maybe can help you to some extend.

    This is making it so you need to kill a lot more cops to increase your wanted level to 4 and 5 stars.
    It's been done at mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\dispatch.meta
    If you increase the numbers at <WantedLevelThresholds>, it will make it so you need to kill more cops/peds to get to 4 star and 5 star.

    If 3 star being too much a problem for you, you can also go to <WantedLevel2> and copy the dispatches under it to <WantedLevel3>.
    If you are using vanilla dispatch.meta, make it like this.
    <NumPedsToSpawn value="6"/>
    <NumPedsToSpawn value="3"/>

    Doing so it will make the 3 star same as 2 star.

    This mod is very good as well. Author said he will add options in future updates that there needs to be threshold number to increase stars at cop kills. I saw he just uploaded a beta version of it 3 hours ago but haven't tested yet.

  • @Aurora11 thanks so much buddy, i see now you can use dispatch editing

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