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Specular Maps RGB channels

  • Hello,

    Im new to gta mod, but i work on video games and was looking for some info about the colorful specular maps. As I didnt find much info about it. Here`s what I figured out.

    In games is common to put different black and white maps on the RGB+A channels of a single map to save space.
    alt text

    On GTA V the specular maps are colorful because of that. So each R G B channel probably are for:

    Red Channel = Specular ( from white=reflective to black=opaque)
    alt text

    Green Channel- Glossiness (from white= shiny, to black=smooth)
    alt text

    Blue Channel = Ambient Occlusion (it work by simulating an ambient light effect, increasing the sensation of volume of the model, by darkening small cavities areas like folds or parts of the model that faces alway from light)
    alt text

    Alpha Channel = Subsurfacing Scattering (its special for skins, giving a more flesh and soft look)
    alt text

    Hope this is helpfull for you guys getting some more refined peds.


  • Something also affects the detail that's added to it, for example the shirt speculars have different colors which apply different detail maps

  • @HeySlickThatsMe the combination of the maps makes different colors. Usually similar fabrics have similar specular and glossiness wich makes it look like a pattern, jeans specular maps ends up looking blue, leather kind orange, etc. Also on clothing there`s no Subsurface scattering (wich softens the details), thats why their map are not transparent.

    i`m not sure yet if the blue channel is really ambient occlusion tho

  • @eiti Some clothing maps are transparent though, the transparency level seems to determine the intensity of detail map or something

  • @HeySlickThatsMe thats the effect of subsurface scattering, it spreads the light giving a more soft look. The cloths that have transparent speculars are the ones with body parts attached. You can add subsurface scattering to anything, but work best for skins

  • In the case of an MP character, the blue channel works as a mask for blending the texture of the body+clothes with the skin tone selected by the player. Those. for example, all underpants textures have a white skin tone, but only underpants are displayed due to the mask, and everything else is replaced with skin tone.

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