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Which patchdayng rpfs are necessary for SP mods?

  • I'm new to GTA5 modding and I'm trying to free up some space on my PC (older rig) and was curious if anyone knew which patchdayng rpfs, if any, were critical for SP mods. The ones that aren't critical I would like to delete.

    Some range from very small (<100 mb) to somewhat large (2 gig). My concern is that some of the patchdayng rpfs may have files that are critical for SP mods such as:

    1. Online missions for SP
    2. Online Heists for SP
    3. After Hours for SP

    I've seen posts mentioning that patchdayng3 had files for vehicles - do any patchdayng files have peds or maps/buildings that I may need for missions?

    Any insight would be appreciated.

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