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[SP] Question regarding useable Props

  • Hello everyone,

    after enjoying quite a few mods here, I thought about doing something myself.
    I created a map, which is pretty static right now and would like to add some useable objects.

    How would I add a "save" bed option to a different bed or add a repair option to a prop within my map (I used a mixture of Menyoo and Codewalker to create it if that's of interest).

    I assume I need to use Scripthook to achieve this, or is there any other method?
    (in case of repair using GET_ENTITY_HEALTH and SET_ENTITY_HEALTH - correct?)

    On another note - if I would like to add such option for sitting on a chair, would I need to add a scenario or an animation for transitioning the char?

    If there's a good and up-to-date tutorial, I didn't find covering my questions, I'd appreciate it if someone could post a link.

    Thanks a lot and keep up the great work!


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