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Some Clarification for Dispatch.meta needed relating to <SingleplayerWantedLevelRadius>

  • **<SingleplayerWantedLevelRadius>
    	<WantedLevelClean value="0.0"/>
    	<WantedLevel1 value="150.0"/>
    	<WantedLevel2 value="300.0"/>
    	<WantedLevel3 value="450.0"/>
    	<WantedLevel4 value="600.0"/>
    	<WantedLevel5 value="1000.0"/>

    Exactly, what does this part of the dispatch.meta do? I have made absurd changes to it, and I see no differences at all. Im guessing if its the search radius for police, but im not entirely sure.

  • @Jayden585
    I've not tested, but going by this, it's the distance outside of the cops sight radius you have to be before the wanted level cooldown (flashing wanted stars) starts.
    Not sure how they interact, but I presume '<HiddenEvasionTimes>' also plays a part in activating the cooldown, you'd probably have to edit them both somehow to see '</SingleplayerWantedLevelRadius>' working clearly.

  • Alright, thanks for the information man.

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