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"diffuseTint value" for dark smoke?

  • So I'm trying to have every Cavalcade in the game spawn with Dark Smoke tinted windows. Gone though the vehicles.meta file looking at the diffusetint but I can't find the code for dark smoke. Heres codes I've tried so far...

    diffuseTint value="0x00FFFFFF" - None
    diffuseTint value="0xAA0A0A0A" - Light Smoke
    ?? - Dark Smoke
    diffuseTint value="0xcf101010" - Limo
    diffuseTint value="0xD1000000" - Pure Black

    Anyone know what the code is? Thanks

  • Old topic I know but in case anyone else ends up needing the code, 0xC4000000 is pretty close to 'dark smoke'.

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