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Need help with Skin Ripper mod

  • So this mod https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/skin-ripper basically rips the look of your online character and allows you to use it in singleplayer. I used an online mod menu that can load asi scripts to comlete the 2nd step (otherwise it's not possible to go to Creator mode with mods installed).

    Anywho I have managed to complete 2nd step too but my problem is.. what am I supposed to do with those information in SkinRipper.log ?

    I have tried to put them in Skin Control's presets but it gives error when I try to load my character :/ and saving my character clothes with Menyoo and then applying it doesn't fully load my character and the face looks very awkward and ugly. So I'm completely lost there :( Any help is much appreciated.

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