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GTA V Hangout Actvity Issue

  • With even addon blips and all my mods, the blips for hangout activities with friends are missing (i.e. I can't play golf with Franklin, watch movies with Jimmy, and anything). There are too many scripts to sort, but I'll sort them if that's what it takes. Is there any solution to this?

  • Did you ever find a solution to this? I just encountered this issue and I think I know how it happened, but sadly not how to fix it.

    I was playing as Franklin and did a hang out with Trevor and Michael. I drove up to the golf course and started a game. Michael joined me in one golf cart and Trevor was in his own.

    Before I could even start the first swing, I saw a nearby NPC and killed them with the golf club (lol). That got the police on me, and Michael would follow me when I'd try to escape the police, but Trevor still stayed in his golf cart, moving forwards at probably slower than normal walking speed.

    Trying to not get him killed by the police, I used Menyoo to boot him out of the golf cart. That, in turn, got him to follow me and I believe we escaped the police after that (or maybe we all got killed, I don't remember).

    I'm thinking that's where the problem began, as after that I started having the same issues as you. My guess is that the game still thinks the golf session is active (even after saving+reloading, killing myself, killing whoever I'm hanging out with, killing us both, running away from them, trying to reset the glitch by entering the strip club, etc.) and therefore 1) hides other activity blips, and 2) prevents other events from being started.

    If there's a way to manually clear whatever variable(s) the game sets during group golf game activities, I have an inkling that will resolve the issue. I have no idea how to do that, though (maybe a skilled GTAV modder would know? :) ).


  • ZOMG I think I might have found a solution! I'm writing this down now while everything's still fresh in my head. From what I can tell, this brings the blips back!

    Here's exactly what I did:

    1. As Franklin (not hanging out with anyone), I went back to the golf course during its open hours and paid the fee to start the golf game.

    It brought me to the selection screen where I could choose a CPU player/difficulty. Interestingly, even though I was by myself, it said I needed 3 additional players. Only one CPU player appeared in the list. Selecting it would do nothing (still need 2 other players); I couldn't start the golf game or even exit the menu altogether.

    2. I entered Menyoo's Spooner mode and lifted Franklin (standing in front of the building, near the brown entry sign) high up into the air and dropped him. Then, I quickly disabled Spooner mode.

    Naturally, as you'd expect, Franklin fell to his death and it respawned me back at the hospital, effectively closing that menu. (The same result could probably be achieved using a "Suicide" option in something like Enhanced Native Trainer).

    3. I phoned Lamar and asked to hang out with him. After picking him up, I pulled up the pause menu. The glorious activity blips appeared! I tested it out by going for a drink (in the game, lol) - it worked!

    I dropped Lamar off at the disbandenment/"see you later" point (IDK what else to call it) and phoned up Michael and Trevor. The blips worked for them as well and could also be visited! The golfing must be glitched or something, who knows. I'd try it again, but I should probably make an up-to-date backup of my saves first, in case this weirdness happens again.

    Hope that helps, cheers!


  • Made some further discoveries. I tried playing a round of golf with Michael and Trevor again, like before, and it seemed to work fine...until Michael's ball disappeared on the second hole, causing him to swing his putter indefinitely. -_-

    The only way to get out of that was to kill him. I had a bit of fun and dropped a golf cart on him. Ran off, escaped the cops, then, when trying to hang out with both of them again, the blips disappeared AGAIN! That golf minigame is mega-bugged, you're almost better off ignoring it altogether.

    Anyway, I tried my proposed solution mentioned in the last post, but it didn't work. The blips still didn't appear, even when hanging out with Lamar.

    Interestingly, I was able to visit the strip club with Michael and Trevor, and they were able to watch at the pole (only Michael watched the pole last time I tried this, and Trevor wasn't interactable - they both were interactable this time). I thought maybe the blips would appear after dropping them off afterwards. Nope. :-(


    1. saved on my phone
    2. exited the whole game
    3. reloaded
    4. went back to the golf course
    5. paid the $100 to "play" another round of golf (I could actually play this time!)
    6. dropped Franklin with Spooner, like last time, after his walk-in animation played
      6.5. (paid myself $5100 back for that BS :-P )
    7. phoned up Lamar (blips are back!)
    8. let him die in a gunfight
    9. phoned up Michael and Trevor (blips are back!)

    sigh -_-

    Hope that helps as well, cheers!


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