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Lights in the building - CodeWalker

  • I create this topic again, because it was in wrong folder
    Hi guys,

    i try create my own building with rebuild original place and buildings (for singleplayer and FiveM using too). Now I have a problem with lights in the night. If i take lights to the building or to area, the lights only shine where they were originally placed. But I need take new lights to the "garage" or to my remodeled building. But still they are not shining. How I could make it correctly?
    On the left - building/area in the night. On the right - building/area in the day.
    alt text
    alt text
    I'm a beginner with CodeWalker and this is the last thing I need to solve.
    And i am not using 3ds Max, bcoz 3ds Max cannot connect with plugin who can show objects from GTA V in 3ds MAX.

    Thank you for any help.

    P.S. I create this topic, bcoz I cannot find any different topic with this problem.

  • @pathstroke A lot of the light ydr do not have light sources. You will have to either find ones that do or make your own in 3ds. Are you having trouble getting Gims to work with your 3ds? What year 3ds are you trying to use? If you can find a student version of 2016 or 2017 it should work better with the Gims Evo on this site. I have read that many people successfully use the more recent versions of 3ds, I think they are using a modified version of Gims to work with the newer version, you would have to google it to find out what you need to do in that case to get it working. Does that mean your "interior" is made out of props in a ymap? If so, that really isn't the right way to do it and it won't be an actual interior, and will have some issues. Should be making it as a mlo.

  • @chonkie Yes, it is just from many props and others entities...like "cs2_09_dock_lod","prop_container_01a" etc.
    And i know that the best solution is making MLO, but i am not sure if it is possible via CodeWalker or how it is possible remodel it.
    If you have any opportunities how to give me a good advice or advices...i am opened for every advice...
    And about 3ds Max...i got 2019 version...so i can try earlier versions....i have access to student program.

    And about my project....for example this project on the top....he is composed of several parts

    • here i just hide "unsuitable objects under the surface"

    and last two .ymap files are with my own objects...
    So you try said, that this project is not stable for FiveM server?

    Thanks for reply

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