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  • Description:
    When You Think Of Vehicle Control, You Think Of Real Life, Want To Make Your Car Pick You Up Like A Tesla? It is already done! Want to control you car from outside? Check! You could control anything available in a vehicle with Vehicle Control, Don't Think Twice And Press Download Now!

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    • The Config File Will Be Created On The First Mod Launch
    • This Mod Runs With ScriptHookVDotNet3 Only! ScriptHookVDotNet2 Isn't Supported


    • An Option To Remove A Vehicle From The Managed Vehicle List, You Have To Press Remove Vehicle Twice To Confirm Action.
    • A Mod Log, This Will Help Tracking Issues And Bugs Easier.
      **Menu Control: **
    • Engine Control, Turn Off/On The Engine Or Even Leave The Car And Keep It On!
    • Lights Control, Turn Off/On Headlights/Hazards/Indicators/Interior/Neon Lights.
    • Doors Control, Open/Close Any Door Anywhere And Any Time (Broken Doors Will Not Be Visible In The Menu)
    • Windows Control, Open/Close Any Door Anywhere And Any Time
    • Lock The Vehicle, You Can Lock/Unlock The Vehicle, And If You Want You Could Make The Vehicle Unlock Automatically When You Leave In The Configurations Menu
    • Toggle Hand Brakes
    • Toggle Persistance (The Vehicle Won't Disappear If This Is On)
    • Toggle Vehicle Blip (The Vehicle Will Be Visible On The Map)
    • Toggle Vehicle Horn
    • Toggle Vehicle Roof For Convertible Vehicles
    • Change The Radio Station
    • Call The Vehicle, Call It Twice It Will Be Teleported To You(The Vehicle Will Drive To You, If You Are Moving In A Vehicle It Will Wait Until You Stop Moving, And Drive To The New Location)
    • Remove Vehicle, To Remove A Vehicle From The Managed List
      Keys Control:
    • The Menu Now Have In Game Key Editor, Forget About Manual Key Editing
    • Every Key Is Changeable, Multiple Keys Are Supported For Both Keyboard And Controller, Put '-1' In The Config File To Disable A Key
    • 2 Keys needs To Be Changed In The Config File Which Are The 'Editor Save' Key And The 'Editor Cancel' Key, These Key Are Found In The Advanced Section Under "ModifyKeybindsConfirm, ModifyKeybindsCancel", Only One Key Is Accepted.
    • You Can Change The Limit For How Many Keyboard Keys You Can Press At Once, Same For The Controller In The Advanced Section Under "MaxKeyboardKeys and MaxControllerKeys".
      Every Vehicle Key Can Be Use Outside The Vehicle, Like The Toggle Engine Key 'B', It Will Turn The Engine Of The Most Recent Entered Vehicle
    • Toggle Menu 'B' - 'DpadDown'
    • Toggle Vehicle Engine 'T' - 'DpadUp'
    • Toggle Vehicle Hazards 'K'
    • Toggle Vehicle Left - Right Indicator 'J' - 'L'
    • Toggle Vehicle Interior Light 'I'
    • Toggle Vehicle Hood 'Y'
    • Toggle Vehicle Trunk 'U'
    • Toggle Vehicle Doors 'X'
    • Toggle Vehicle Windows 'Z'
    • Toggle Vehicle Hand Brake 'Comma'
    • Toggle Vehicle Roof '}'
    • Toggle Vehicle Lock '{'
    • Enter Vehicle As Passenger 'G' - 'X'
    • Switch Vehicle Seats 'G' - 'X'
    • Call Current Vehicle 'Question' - 'B'
    • Modify Keybinds Confirm 'Enter'
    • Modify Keybinds Cancel 'Escape'
    • You Change How The Keys Are Handled If You Like Your Keys To Be Detected Once You Press Or Release The Keys In The Advanced Section Under "ReceiveKeyPressOnKeyDown", False Means That Keys Are Detected When You Release Them. (Controller Have Another System, Can't Be Edited)
    • Auto Toggle Engine On/Off, Doesn't Need An Explanation
    • Toggle Engine Control, Turn Of The Engine Control If You Are Using Another Engine Mods Like Manual Transmission.
    • Toggle Breaking Light When Vehicle Is Stopped
    • Unlock Vehicle Automatically, The Vehicle Will Unlock When The Player Leave The Vehicle, If This Is Off And The Car Is Locked, You Can't Leave Unless You Unlock It!
    • Toggle Doors Can Open When Vehicle Is Locked, You Cant Open Doors "Via This Mod" If The Car Is Locked
    • Close Vehicle Doors When You Lock It, This Will Close Any Open Door When You Lock The Vehicle
    • Enable Notifications From The Mod
    • Enable Sounds From The Mod
    • Max Managed Vehicles Change The Number Of Managed Vehicles
    • Called Vehicle Driving Style, Changes The Called Vehicle Driving Style, Press Enter To Confirm
    • Called Vehicle Speed
    • Reload The Configurations If You Edited The Config File
    • Reset Configurations To Default

    None Let Me Know If You Found Any ! Enjoy :D.

    Bug Fixes/Updates
    ~Sorry Could't Write All Of Them Because I Forgot Most Of Them, But Everything Reported Is Fixed And More
    -Added -1 to disable a key
    -Fixed all engine bugs
    -Added Animation And Key fob
    -Added Option To Change Any Radio Station
    -Removed exit vehicle with engine on key no you exit the car with the engine on it will remain on
    -Added an option to auto turn the engine on/off when you enter/leave a vehicle
    -Added option to disable the engine control
    -Added Key For Locking The Car
    -Added Key To Toggle The Car Roof
    -Add option to control car signals from menu
    -Added Toggle Notifications
    -Added key to switch seats and enter vehicle as passengers
    -Open all door/windows and closing will now work properly
    -Fixed performance issues
    -Reduced Menu loading time
    -All Controls Now Work Outside The Vehicle As Well
    -Now You Will only see the available neon lights/doors/ in the menu rather than all of them
    -Added option to control hazards/interior/indicator lights in the menu
    -The menu will now update when engine is turned on and off, car gets locked, handbrake Toggled
    -Added an option to reset config file
    -When you steal a running car (drag the driver out) this mod kills the engine as soon as you get in. This is fixed
    -Added a key to call the current Vehicle
    -Removed personal driver because it was out of the mod's criteria if i find some comments requesting it back i might just upload a new mod for it
    -When You call a vehicle it will change the driving location until you stand still in a car or on foot


    1. You Need To Have The Following
      -The Lastest ScriptHookV Download
      -The Lastest ScriptHookVDotNet3 Download
      -The Lastest NativeUI Download
    2. Extract ScriptHookV And ScriptHookVDotNet To You Grand Theft Auto V Main Directory
    3. Create "scripts" Folder In Your Grand Theft Auto V Main Directory If You Dont Already Have One
    4. Extract The Mod Content To The "scripts" Folder


    • Alexander Blade For ScriptHookV Visit
    • Crosire & Contributors For ScriptHookVDotNet Visit
    • Guadmaz For NativeUI Visit
    • Me For Scripting :)

    Have Fun :)

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