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INSTANCE MLO: Problem Shader

  • Re: Custom Lights for Map

    hello, i am currently on the creation of my first mods (mlo instance).
    I imported into 3ds max lights from "apa_ss1_11_flats" (eclipse tower) and "vw_vwint03_vents02.ydr" (garage casino)
    and add them in my mod.
    My problem is that the light is not displayed correctly, especially on the walls
    all textures come from "apa_ss1_11_flats" without any modification
    I have had this problem for several weeks
    I don't know where the problem comes from

    my mod https://prnt.sc/st6psl
    original https://prnt.sc/st6pi7

    some videos of my mod

  • yo question maybe you cna help

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