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Not Able to Get a Car replacements and Vehicle Changes in a DLC (mpapartment) to Work

  • Sooo, I've been fighting with this since last night. I came across a few add-ons on here that i was going to add, an Updated Cognoscenti ,a color variation pack for the cars in the pack and some changes I did myself, adding tinted windows to the Schafters and Cognoscenti 55, the cognoscenti mod not included since it also had some things included to also tint the windows of itself, which I added.

    First I did it with a copied variant of the mpapartment DLC in the mod folder first, mind you changing the name and adding a new listing in the dlclist.xml so it wouldn't goof some stuff up and that didn't work. Then I changed the names back to mpapartment. Still didn't work.

    Then I deleted the mpapartment dlc that was in the mod folder, backed up the one in the original DLC folder and I did the same things with that folder, still nothing. The original cognoscenti model stayed the same being the original model that came with the DLC, colors never changed for the schafter/cog55 and the tint never happened.
    Hell I even ran the game in offline mode by disconnecting my internet and having Steam and the Rockstar launcher run in offline mod and it didn't help.

    So I'd be really appreciative for help, and thanks to whoever does! :confounded:

  • @mynte
    Install the colour variation 'carvariations.meta' to here:


    You can put 'carcols.meta' & 'handling.meta' in the exact same folder also. :thumbsup:

    'vehicles.meta' goes here:


    Basically, any files that sit in 'update.rpf' will be loaded by the game over any of their other exact counterparts elsewhere.
    The 'dlc_patch' folder in 'update.rpf' generally just includes '.meta' etc files (no vehicle files etc) & is also set up to accept new vehicle '.meta' files (like 'carcols.meta' etc) automatically (no need to edit 'content.xml' etc) even if they don't originally exist there.
    So feel free to copy vehicles/carcols/carvariations/handling.meta files over from the 'dlcpacks' folder structures to update.rpf\dlc_patch (following same folder structure obvs) if you want everything in the same/similar place etc & always loaded by the game.

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    I have just tried that, and still nothing changed.. i double checked too. Still the same nothing that happened beforehand. I did it correctly too! and i just... IDK man, maybe there's a version of mpapartment that is hidden and runs instead of the modified version i have? I'm gonna go ahead and see about modifying another DLC to see if it is local to all DLCs, or just mpapartment.

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